Relationship Advice: How To Keep Your Relationship Strong, Loving, And Healthy

Taranpreet Kalra
May 16, 2019   •  39 views
''Loving someone and having them love you back is the most precious thing in the world'' - Nicholas Sparks

Yes, it most certainly is the most precious thing but what if that love starts to fade away? What if the person you love begins drifting away from you? What if your relationship is no longer magical as it used to be?

Don't worry. I have a few suggestions for you. And hopefully, they will help you in deepening your connection with your partner and make your relationship stronger and better.

Here we go:
1. Be trustworthy:Trust is one of the most important ingredients of a healthy relationship. Try to gain your partner's trust as much as you can. Be honest about things and don't try to hide anything. Don't lie to them when you screw up. Believe me, if you're honest with your partner, it will be quite rewarding for your relationship as there won't be any doubts or misunderstandings between you two.

2. Be supportive:No matter how confident or brave a person is, there always come a time in life when we need someone's support. You should offer your support to your partner when they are going through tough times or struggling. They expect it the most from you. Give them a shoulder to lean on. Giving support to each other builds stronger relationships.

3. Listening:A relationship needs both people to listen to each other. The more you listen, the lesser the arguments. Don't interrupt your partner while they are speaking or sharing their concerns about a matter. First listen then respond. Even during an argument don't start a yelling match. Ask your partner to calm down and then sit and talk. Listen. Maybe after listening to the issues you'll be able to solve it. And also during times of stress, let your partner vent out his/her feelings. Don't offer up advice every time, sometimes all a person wants is someone to listen. Talk less, listen more.

4. Laughing: Yes, laughing is important. After a long day of work, take 10 to 15 minutes sharing jokes with your partner. Laugh off your worries and problems. Multiple studies have shown that laughter is good for health. Well, it's good for relationships too! If you can make your partner laugh, they will love you even more because deep inside what everyone wants is someone to make them laugh or at least smile.

5. Complimenting: Some people don't recognize the importance of complimenting their loved ones. There is so that our loved ones do for us. Never let go of any chance you have for complimenting them. Compliment their eyes,their way of cooking, anything! Really, man. Try to appreciate what they do for you.

6. Communication: There is no other point I would like to emphasize more. I know it sounds cliché but honestly communication is the key. A strong relationship is built upon the bricks of communication. It all really starts with a 'Hi' or 'Hello', right? Don't stop talking, ever. Share your thoughts and concerns. If something is bothering you, don't hide it from them. If you get into a fight and then stop talking, keep in mind that not talking is not a solution to any issue. The better the communication between you two, the stronger will be your relationship.

7. Understanding: We all know how necessary it is to understand one other but how often do we do that? Really, ask yourself that question. Sometimes we are so much blinded by our ego and our own thoughts that we forget to look at the situation from other's point of view. And until we see other's point of view, we cannot begin to feel what they feel. Always make it a habit that before you shout at your significant other, you try to assess the situation calmly and understand why they did what they did. Don't assume things without understanding their reasons and compulsions. Believe me, when you try to understand someone, it not only helps make better decisions but also boost your respect in the other person's eyes. Don't react before understanding the situation.

I know these points are not very unique or unknown, they have been talked about by many successful couples; yet people often forget. I really want that you read them, absorb them and use them in your life. Every couple struggles but they don't let the love diminish between them. In fact, overcoming them is what makes you two closer. I hope that you are able to overcome your struggles and deepen your love. And I sincerely wish that you two never lose each other.