We meet thousands of people on a daily basis. And everyone of them have certain positive qualities and negative qualities. But then which is the thing that distinguishes them? Which is that one thing that makes XYZ person as our favorite? It surely won't be simply their looks. Because if looks might have mattered then we should be sitting everytime watching television. But we don't. We do try to see people around us and try to communicate with them.

Well, now, rather than travelling between words here and there, let us jump to the main topic. Life is a mixture of many components. It is basically our heart and our mind which filters people and their thoughts. Many people do say 'I dont judge anyone because I m a human'. But unfortunately, they indirectly do judge. And this one factor makes them worst in many hearts. But no, they're not worst for everyone. There is also a different population who love to judge and when they meet this kind of people, it is like perfect stars met stars.

The judging group creates and they try to enlarge their population. Do not think enlarging population means reproduction. It is actually done by involving other people like them. I won't say that it is totally their flaw because judging people is one of the human tendency. No one can be like everyone, isn't it? Their judgements might have surely worked atleast somewhere. For that population, quality people are those who know 'Judgement'

Now, I have took judgemental people as example. You can replace judgements with cruelity, love, hatred, jealousy or anything. Later, the group of people become strong and develop a kind of covalent bond between them. The bond which cannot break, a kind of strong bond. But many a times, unfortunately, the bond is made because of negative traits which can harm society, which can harm the growing youth at a extreme level. And if we try to apply mechanical methods or any kind of chemical method to break it, to be true, it cannot break.

You'll need a very high level of energy to break the covalent bond formed because of negative traits. How the energy should be? The energy should be itself positive and powerful to transform their negativities into positivities. And where we will get such kind of energy? Wait! You're trying to disrupt bond formed because of negativities so for that call the people who have formed bonds because of positive traits. When the equal energy level will meet, there will be one energy level which will have higher strength of people behind them because of positive covalent bond while the other energy level will have lower strength of people behind them because of negative covalent bond. There will be likings and dislikings. The negative trait people ultimately also wished for fame. So to gain that, they'll try to be nice for world. And that will transform them into better people.

Writing was easier, understanding was little tough but when you will try to implement it, everything will reach to a equilibrium level. And when you will see happiness spreading around you, I m sure, you'll be like a dancing proton.