The sun is the biggest source of solar energy in our entire solar system and is being used widely by the humans to heat their homes, cook their meals and produce hot water. In short fulfilling the basic needs of every household. In ancient times when there were fewer sources to generate electricity and in many areas there were no electricity then it was a big problem for the citizens. Many years later, in the 19th century new devices were invented to use the solar energy and nowadays solar energy has become one of the most widely used form of electricity.



Due to the technological advancement and the increasing level of pollution it has made solar energy use more wide and effective.

India is ranked as 11th in solar power generation in the world. The government funding for solar energy has made it possible to account 6.4mw per year. It was expected that with technology improvement and market competition solar power will reach grid parity by 2017-18 which it did reach as for now. The Grid parity means the cost of electricity from an alternative source of energy which becomes equal or less than the cost of purchasing power of the grid making grid parity a very important term in the solar energy system.


We all have faced challenges through our lifetime and till now we face. And life is nothing without overcoming the challenges. Similarly when solar energy came it has faced a lot of challenges from converting solar energy to use to make the best of solar panels that can be used widely at a cheap rate. At present, almost 53% of India’s energy requirements are met with coal. It has been seen that the coal reserves of the country will not last beyond 2050. But this has changed now as seen by stats between the years 2008 and 2013 the cost of solar panels fell by 50%. And after that it has been lower only. This advancement is such a big news for everyone because now we can breathe clean and pure air rather than inhaling the toxic carbon dioxide produced by the usage of fossil fuels. An estimate has been made that these costs will fall at a very rapid rate by 2027 and will make it more easy and cheap for anyone to purchase it. .

Initiatives taken by the Government.

It is widely noticed that our government is doing a lot to improve the conditions of the society as a whole. Our government is trying to use the renewable source of energy by taking various measures promete it and make it available in those areas where electricity is still a major problem. The various schemes that the government has launched are ACCELERATED DEPRECIATION, CAPITAL SUBSIDY, NEW METERING INCENTIVES and many more. Our government is trying every possible way to make the use of solar energy available to every household.

How is solar energy future?

“Sun is the only source of light you’d know if you don't start using its energy”.

It is clearly seen that the future is all solar. Why it is this way we already know the benefits of it. We humans have reached the potential of solar energy and has gone to the deepest parts of it to make it available to the masses at a very reasonable rate. Researchers across the world are working every single day to improve the ways with which the sun’s rays are collected and converted into useful energy. India has grown rapidly in with the period taking the population of over 1billion. If we try to use this source wisely than the future itself will shine with the brightness of solar energy running your device at households, industries, business.

Also how solar energy is better than your energy! How? Here’s how! It can start your fan! Run your computer! Warm up that chilly water! Run industries as well! So what are you waiting for?