Solar Energy Advantages And Disadvantages

Nov 10, 2019   •  8 views

Solar energy is the energy that is received from the sun on the earth which is transformed to make it useful in daily life. As it is free in nature and easily available it has put to so many uses. Humans have used this as a medium to spread lights in those parts where light is not easily available. It has become a great advantage for the rural area population to get electricity and use it efficiently without spending a lot of money.


Certainly, there are some of the applications of solar energy that are being used both at the domestic and industrial levels. While using solar energy at the domestic level is much more than the industrial level it is being noticed that household chores are now done in a very feasible manner rather than sitting beside the wood stove and burning it with coal. With the constant advancement in technology, it has been seen that in the past years there has been a tremendous increase in the usage of solar energy. While there are some pros and cons of something.

There are some advantages to using solar energy.

  1. Low maintenance cost.

It has been noticed that the cost of setting up solar power system requires less maintenance because you don't have to clean this every once in a week or in a month. And this makes using of solar energy a unique feature. Households can easily get it clean without having any tension of cleaning it on a monthly basis. It's more like a tension-free investment.

  1. Using in those areas where electricity is not proper.

We live in a country where we have seen there is a majority of the population living in poverty and major of them not having a proper connection with electricity and this is highly noticed in rural areas.

If we install solar energy power plants in these areas where a household is not b get property electricity it will be a major advantage. These people will be able to feed themselves and not emit poisonous gases by using charcoal in the production of food. Therefore, many organizations have taken initiatives to set up solar panels in rural areas at an amount that is easy to pay.

  1. No negative impact on the environment.

While considering the fact that global warming is rising at a faster pace using solar energy devices is an advantage. As a result, there will be less amount of energy released in the environment which won't harm the population and make the environment safe and clean. And installing such devices will help us to control the pollution level too which is increasing day by day.

  1. Renewable resource.

As we know that the sun's energy is renewable, that is it can be used again and again without any fear of not finding it again or anything like that. One should use it to the maximum.

  1. Widely used.

The usage of solar energy has become popular in the past years as it is easily accessible and is environment-friendly.

There are a lot of techniques that have come up to make it possible to reach even those areas where electricity has been a wife problem. Without giving it a second thought people have started relying on this amazing solar power.

However, after having advantages, there are some disadvantages of solar energy.

Let's take a look at it.

  1. Weather dependent.

    The major disadvantage is that solar energy is highly dependent on the weather. If the weather is not favorable and it is raining every time then to install solar panels is not a great option.  Where the weather conditions are good then it is very useful otherwise during rainy seasons it is not at all used.

  2. Used in the daytime.

The major drawback is that it can be used in day time only. Which makes it very difficult to use at night. And it has become a problem too. In an entire day, one cannot do all the household chores somethings are meant to do at night like cooking so,therefore, it is a big disadvantage of using solar energy.

  1. It requires large spaces.

    While installing solar panels or solar energy devices it requires a large amount of space to collect enough energy for use in various purposes. And therefore one has to think before installing such devices because if the space available is not enough for the solar panels to catch the sun's energy then it is not useful to that extent.

  2. Storage is expensive.

While storing solar energy one requires the big land size for collecting the energy arriving from the sun. If the land space is small then there will be many issues with solar energy intake. It will not be used for many things but it will be limited.

  1. High set up cost

To set the solar panels or solar cells in one's household, it is a little bit expensive which makes it very hard for the population that could not afford to set up.

Ultimately solar energy is an important source these days.

But keeping a balance between both of them it will be easy to use solar energy because at this point our environment is facing a lot of issues and we can still protect it by using its own renewable resource which is free and inexhaustible.