Is It True That Heart Attacks Are More Likely To Be In Monday?

Ganga Ganesh
Jul 16, 2019   •  9 views

Heart attack is a major suffering nowadays. Our increased work load and less socialistic life makes us more vulnerable to this deadly disease. But some people argue that heart attacks mostly occur onmonday. Even though this seems to be illogical that a disease is related to a day of week, it is observed that among the reported cases of cardiac arrests majority are on mondays. What is special about this day?

According to the study conducted by various organisations, the chances of heart attacks are more by some percentage on mondays. Studies reveal that it was about 20% more chance for men and 15% more in women. Most people argue that the risk of going to work after a weekend will be the reason for this. This is also explained as due to high intake of alcohol during weekends.

But what is the case with retired people who don't need to worry about their work? This may be due to loneliness. Many old people suffer this. After the weekend their children and grand children will leave the house for work and studies. This may feel them alone and bored. This worst feeling in the immense can lead to cardiac arrests.

Usually the stress hormones are produced at a high level on monday. Surprisingly researchers found that there is a peak in stress hormones at mondays and their level declines at the end of the week. It is observed even when a monday is given as holiday. This is because our body remembers the stressful days during past days and this triggers increased arrhythmia. Also the blood pressure is more higher in the morning than in evening. This is because the stress hormones like cortisol are more likely to be produced in morning and they interact with nervous system.

How can we get rid of this? Since the risk factor is more on monday plan a relaxed weekend. Avoid over scheduling on monday. Plan important meetings, works etc on midday of the week. Also eat healthy foods on weekends. Avoid over fatty diets as well as over drinking. Relax your mind and body. Always keep in mind that health is the most precious wealth.



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