“Its Not Stress That Kills Us, It Is Our Reaction To It”

Umme Salma
Mar 27, 2020   •  3 views

“I am Stressed!” is becoming a quite familiar dialogue in all our lives.

Stress is a natural reaction to several situations in life. Its a feeling of being under preternatural pressure. Different aspects of our day to day life can cause this pressure be it increased workload, family, relationships and financial worries. At these situations you may feel upset, overwhelming, unmotivated and depressed. Different people react differently to stress. Some of the common signs you can look out for is difficulty in concentrating, low self-esteem, mood swings, having a short temper, making bad decisions and insomnia. Stress levels are raising worldwide and the most perilous thing about stress is the way it creep up on you. So what can we do to get rid of stress and anxiety in our lives??

·         Exercise is very effective in relieving stress. Practice mindful meditation which helps you to focus on present moment. Try and integrate yoga, suryanamaskar. You can even go out and get some fresh air like going for walking. The goal is to calm both your mind and body.

·         Eat healthy as food affects our mood too. Practice balanced diet and take adequate amount of nutrients. Many people use alcohol, smoke to combat stress. Drinking alcohol may seem to provide some relief, positive feelings(temporarily) but it can also make you feel anxious, also sometimes interferes with your ability to make good decisions and that’s a problem.

·         Listen to soothing music, try writing, read good books or magazine, play games, spend time with your loved one’s.

·         Prioritize self-care, get a massage, practice everyday habits that will transform your life.


Hope it help’s at-least someone somewhere around the corner of the world.