Present Generation : Waste Or Wise?

Swati Verma
Mar 30, 2019   •  41 views
We are lost souls with the constant need of attention and notifications.

I'm from the 90’s generation. And yes, I am super cool, being in this generation. Do I really?

Our parents, relatives and people off of social media keep saying what a waste our generation is. Well, maybe it is. Or maybe we are far better than any other generation has ever been. I am in a dilemma whether I like being a part of it or hate it. Not that I can change it.

We are the show off Generation. The Generation with a sad life and happy social accounts. The Generation where the fun and happiness can only be seen through getting into the person's social accounts.We can show how amazing and glamorous our lives are on social accounts, when in reality we are miserable.

We live in the Internet generation. Here, we can order up a human being the way we can order a pizza, right at our fingertips on Tinder etc. We can open the list and take the pick with thousands of people on the menu. We can talk to people on online video chatting sites to remove boredom and fulfill fantasies. It is like an online market where we can swipe and select according to our own interest.

We are the Comparison Generation. We hate looking into the mirror because some person on Instagram has a body which we desire for but don't have. So, we torture ourselves with some sickening diets which leads in depressing our own lives.

This is the generation that doesn’t know how to love. We put lot of effort nowadays to find a perfect partner. But at the same time, we don’t want the perfect one either. Because, finding the perfect one is settling. And mind you, we hate settling even though we don't know what it means. People don't like to be hooked in the boundaries of promises and expectations. We create our relationships because Facebook told us about this one happy couple and how ? they don’t know. So we screw up our relationships. We break up. We date another. And back to square one.

However, this is a smart generation. A generation that is filled with brilliant brains and a voice to put forth their thoughts. We know how to raise our opinions to the world in 400 words and make a difference. We know how to stand up for ourselves and for others. This generation made it possible for people to talk about menstruation and rape openly. This generation taught us that mental illnesses are a real thing and that we need to talk about it.

The internet has a smart way of playing with our emotions, making people jealous by things which everyone can't do , making jokes about dying or just some YouTuber standing up for bodyshaming in the form of a rap song.

Yes, I am in this generation.

And I have never been so proud and disappointed about the same thing at the same time, nor i am running away from it. We have created this generation and now we have to fight in order to survive against our own creation. Right?

I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots. - Albert Einstein