“I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction, the world will have a generation of idiots”.-Albert Einstein

As we all know the main aim of technology is to ease our life and to bring balance between luxury and comfort and i think we have taken a step too far and the delicate balance has been disturbed.

We have seen people using their mobile phones when they should be hearing lectures, we have seen people taking video of road accidents when they should be giving their hands to help each other, we have seen people chatting and cheating through their social media when they should be preparing for examinations and we have seen people playing online games when they should be giving their concern to the country.

So is this comfort?

There was once a time when people felt the word “real” more often.

People used to come out of their house and play in the open, they flew kites, talked face to face and they used to climb their terrace and would shout at the top of their lungs to express the bursting excitement and energy.

Life was beautiful. In the past, people used to take picture to rewind the memories they had but now they take pictures to see how many likes they get in their Facebook and Instagram.

The problem with human beings is that they will understand the value of something only after losing it. We are given a beautiful family to care for us. We are given with a lot of beautiful friends to support us. We are given a beautiful life to live joyful. And we are given the technology to connect them. Make sure you take a decision that you wont regret in the future. 

When you look into the sun, you see the power of God.

When you look into the moon, you see the beauty of God.

And when you look into the mirror, you see the greatest creation of God.

Dont let the greatest creation of God be destroyed in the future.

We one have one life. LIVE IT. LOVE IT. AND ENJOY IT.



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