Top 6 Reasons To Live Your Life Right Now

Swati Dubey
Oct 09, 2019   •  8 views

1.  No one gives a shit about you

Your life could be a shitty hell and it revolves around you but, it’s a harsh truth that nobody really cares what are you doing & why you are doing, or what you are going through. Not even your ‘parosi aunty’ nor your crush’s dog. So, if you are giving yourself a reason ‘log qa kahege’, think again.

2) Only a few days to live

Does that ring a bell, “jeene ke hai chair din”. Yup, you don’t even realize that time passes so fast that you don’t even get the time to play PUBG (it will not be on trend anymore). So stop, feel & create every moment you ever wanted to live.

3) Why waiting? Waiting for what?

If you are waiting for life to happen then R.I.P your thoughts. There is always a limit for everything even for hard work or waiting for the right time. Don’t wait, doing nothing. Even if you are waiting for some miracle to happen at least divert your mind to other things. You can’t waste your precious time & other beautiful moments behind a single thought.

4) Life is not a tragedy

If you think your life is as hell as Nirupa Rao & some great director should make a film out of it well my friend it’s not a bad thought but try to remember those small moments you lived with your siblings, friends, & family. Instead of being sad about life & Monday blues & letting life flow by; stop & take that ‘chappu’ in your hand & turn your lifeboat in a direction you want to flow.

5) Tomorrow never comes

Tomorrow comes but time changes.

Nothing remains constant you have new errands to run tomorrow. Happiness could not be postponed, either for weekends or for your next Thailand trip.

Live now or never.

6) Everyone has a unique life

Each and everyone lives differently if you keep comparing your life to others you won’t actually live yours. In order to live how you want, you should give yourself permission to live your life in your own way.

If you are waiting for a day that your life becomes Insta perfect like him, her or them, then you are simply waiting for Earth extinction. 

It is not going to happen. (Not soon though)

Because to make it happen you have to get up and create. Right Now.