*GOODBYE 2019 WELCOME 2020❤💜💚*

  Gone are some beautiful moments,

  Some beautiful moments will come!

  Made many resolutions,

  But not all are complete!

Made many resolutions,

Break many resolutions!

Fulfilled many resolutions,

So many resolutions remain incomplete!

Some moments were beautiful,

Some moments were scary!

Many were defeated,

Many strangers became part of the family!

  Some happy, some sad moments of life,

  Let's understand the real meaning of life!

Spent another year,

One more moment left!

Some people came, some people went,

And every person has to teach something!

Some laughing moments,

So spend some sadness!

Every moment has its own importance,

Every day has its own importance!

Every month has its own importance,

Every year has its own importance!

The experience of the last year was unique,

Great unforgettable moments!

Some citrus were sweet moments,

Now a new year is about to come!

Some new experiences are there to awaken,

Some new hopes are to be raised!

I saw this heart in many pieces,

Some pieces were shattered, some pieces were broken!

Not everyone is special,

But what happens is not known to them!

There is only one heart with someone in every corner,

But not everyone is able to make a place in it!

There are many pieces of heart in every piece, but not everyone in every piece!

Every corner has its place, realize its importance,

Not from every corner love, the names of those love people who are always with me, but not with me!

One corner that doesn't make me think that I'm good,

A corner of theirs which, with their love, turns every defeat of mine into victory!

The name of a corner madness without which it is impossible to smile on my face!

A corner in the name of the love that sits in the mills of my friend is uncountable for me!

In the name of a corner when no one is with me, then she acts as my mother!

A corner in the name of that blushing laugh that is only for me, as much as any gum in his chest,

A corner named after the rebuke that comes after feeding ice cream in the scorching cold!

A corner in the name of hatred that inspires me to move forward,

A corner in the name of the enmity that gives me reason to stand up again every time I falter!

A corner called the deception that tells me how to live life,

A corner in the name of the love who is alive even after death, in me who does not even let me live and even if he wants to die!

Now the year has come after so many ups and downs,

Plenty of happiness you got this year!

May all be happy, no one is shy,

All will forget bitterness and spend this new year together

  May this year bring a lot of love, prosperity, success and happiness in your life,

  I wish you, your loved ones, family members and all countrymen a very happy and wonderful New Year !