"Is The Youth Of India Confused Or Confident"!

Sumit Sinha
Aug 28, 2019   •  35 views

According to me, today's youth is confused and confident both. They confused because they are not able to decide their field for a career, many of the youth have left their field of interest because of high competition and social pressure, like dancing, acting playing games, etc. So now they have many same fields to choose for their career. But except this, they are much confident that they can do anything.

Now, I want to say that today's youth will much confident if provide them better information and analysis between all fields of jobs from which they can relate their field of interest along with they can choose one better field for themselves.

Actually many people don't know where they are going on the right path or just a robot. I really think the youth of India is confused about themselves and many of them are literate but just for sake of the name. Every youth should have a fire or doing something for the country just like Bhagat Singh. I truly bow down for this man. And every Indian should know what was India and how to make it prosperous, beautiful again...

In the present scinerio, our honourable prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi also emphasizing to provide compulsory technical education and many more to get into a conclusion.

I think if our goal is fixed then within some years the ratio will be reversed.