India is a country which is incredibly rich in "Culture and Heritage" in the world. Some of the elements of India's diverse culture like; food, language, music, clothing etc which makes India's culture unique. Language, food, religion, costumes, dance and music are different from place to place within the country. India has always been famous for its traditions and hospitality.

The country's generousity attract number of tourists to enjoy the culture which is the combination of religions, art, craft, food, music, dance and many other things.

Everything from rituals and traditions to the costumes and values.

Way of greetings.

India is a land with various greetings costumes. Different relegions have their different ways to express their greetings to others. For example: In major Hindu families "Namaste" is the most famous way of greetings to elders. Similarly Muslims greet by saying "Adab".

Indian attire.

For women's.
Beauty of Indian women lies in the clothes she wears i;e, saree which is famous in all over the world.

In rural parts an outfit called "Ghagra choli" is very famous.
Though variations "Salwar kameez" is very famous in every part of India.
For men's.
For men's there is no lack of varieties. From "dhoti kurta" to "shirt pants" an Indian man can prefer everything that fits and look good.

Indian food.

Indian food also heavily influenced by relegion and traditions. Some common dishes are famous in more than one region.

From Bengali rosogulla to Gujrati thepla Punjabi tadka to Rajasthani dal bati chuurma and the world famous South Indian food which has its own value.

Indian dance forms.

Dance is the unique way of communication by using your body. The dance forms in India is broadly classified classical as well as folk dance.

Dance forms in India also differ from one state to another.
Some of the famous dance forms are kathak (uttar pradesh), Garba (gujrat), kalbeliya and ghoomar (rajasthan), Bihu (assam) and many more.

Indian religions.

India is the birthplace of four major relegions namely "Hinduism", "Jainism", "Sikhism" and "Buddhism". Throughout the history religion is the most important part of country's culture. It also include Christianity and Islam. In Indian people have the right to choose any relegion.

Indian languages.

India is home to several Indian languages. There are 22 languages spoken in different states of india plus English.

Indian festivals.

From January to December every month comes with a particular festival. Starting from Makar sankranti, Basant panchmi, Holi, Ram navmi, Janmashtmi, Diwali, Eid, Guru purb has a significance in Indian culture.

Here people don't need a floor to dance. Celebrations like Durga puja and Holi show the real dancing talants of indians.

The land of lords never needs a reason to celebrate. Celebration is the fundamental
part of every India's life.

Despite of so many diversities people of india are united and feel proud of their culture and traditions.