India is a diverse country with diverse cultures, religions, festivals.... this country is given an adjective incredible as this is the extraordinary place. A place where all religions are given equal rights, values, respect, it is a place where every festival is celebrated very enthusiasticly whether it is Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Budh Purnima.

When we talk or think about INDIA, what strikes our mind is its rich culture, the beautiful monuments it has in different-different states, its unique dance forms specially classical dances and ofcourse the delicious food (Dal Baati-Churma, Litti Choka, Makke ki Roti ans sarson ka saag).

It is also considered as most visited tourist place and it also has friendly relations with several neighbouring countries like Nepal. Sri Lanka,Bhutan etc.

India is a federal union of 29 states and 7 union territories. There are 4 different regions of the country in which all the states fall. The 4 different regions are all follows-

  • North Region- The northern part of this country includes mountains covered with snow, and not all the people of this part of the country speaks hindi. There are various languages spoken other than the mother tongue like marathi, punjabi, etc. State of Uttar Pradesh famous for the lord rama and lord krishna also lies in the northern region of the country. Delhi which is quite famous for the monuments it possesses like Qutub Minar, Lotus Temple, Huaz khas, etc falls in the north-east part of India.

  • East Region- Eastern part of this diverse country consist of states like Bihar, West Bengal, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Mizoram and many more. This part is affected by the nepali culture of Buddhism and is quite famous for its tea garden in Darjiling and mountains. The festivals, food, and way of clothing is quite different from other parts.

  • West Region-The western part of india is most famous for mainly 3 states- Maharastra which has a most populated city (Mumbai), Gujarat for its most famous white sand desert Kutch and Rajasthan. The culture, language, tradition and clothes of this region are magnificent.

  • South Region- This region is famous for its temples in the state of Tamil Nadu -the most famous temple is The Meenakshi Temple in Madurai. South is really beautiful part of this huge country and one should definitely visit in their life. Also the southern part of india is covered by the 3 major oceans from all the sides - The Arabian Sea, Bay Of Bengal and The Indian Ocean. The states which are considered to be the southern part are Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh. Now Telangana is a different state which lies in the middle of the country.

The country India is also famous for its natural beauty i.e. the mountains, lakes, rivers, and forest. There are several forest areas across the country in various states. we should consider ourselves very lucky that we are born at this beautiful place and we should keep it safe for our future generation. The traditions, the culture, the history and the heritage of our country are very unique. We should love our country because their is not other country like india where every individual is given equal freedom to do anything. The indians are free to choose their leader. We should preserve it for our future generations so that they can also cherish its beauty.