So here the long going conflict still remains,which is, Traditional vs Western. I have seen many people saying “I don't like wearing kameez and saree, but jeans and shirts”, “oh god saree? it's weird!” “Why are you wearing kameez in this discotheque?” And so on! On the contrary, I have also witnessed people saying “she is wearing shorts,why is she exposing so much”, “she only wears shorts and doesn't have respect for traditional attires” and so on. Every time, I see people condemning the opposite but so unnecessarily! I think this kind of mentality should be changed.

  1. Firstly, it depends on my choice what I'll be wearing, provided there is no prohibitions.

  2. Secondly, I'm comfortable in whatever I'm wearing and it shouldn't concern you

  3. Thirdly, stating negative comments about someone's attire don't make her feel ashamed but you should be ashamed.

  4. Forthly, to me, a nearly perfect women or men will be those who appreciate both traditional and western and be comfortable.

  5. Lastly, there is a tremendous tendency in Indians to imitate western culture so much that instead of appreciating both the Indian and western culture, they are becoming so much westernized and feeling proud for it.

  6. I don't find it great if you cannot speak in your mother tongue to your friends,to your close ones who understand the language and are of same culture. I am an avid reader and I feel proud to say that I began reading with famous Bengali books, and aftet a long long time I shifted, no I didn't shift, I welcomed English books to my knowledge domain ad well. It's been a long time since I have no touch with my Bengali books and it's quite nostalgic, may be I can't read tough and deep Bengali words but I am still intrigued to read Bengali books if I get some!

  7. Remember, our culture is very unique and diversified, and we have so many things to eat, to wear,to visit. We are overpouring with things worth dealing with. So let's welcome all the culture, but not become a copycat 😃. Please note, I find a woman wearing a long kameez and a woman with a beautiful silk saree really amaaaaazing!