Boundaries don’t apply to men, because they are men.

Makes sense?

No, right?

But that is the sad truth. Hundreds of generations have passed and people themselves are witnesses of the never-ending gender bias that has been prevailing in our country. Its no secret that a woman has always been down-graded in every possible aspect that exists in this world. Though many campaigns and protests have come up in the recent past, major part of the population remains unbothered and rock-like. They couldn’t care less. There is no point in elaborating the patriarchal system that is evident enough in front of our eyes. Being a girl is tough. To top that, being an Indian girl is a nightmare. Let it be your own home, school or even in office, every girl has at least once in her life faced discrimination and domination just because of her gender. And it just crushes my soul to even mention about the extent to which a woman is abused sexually in today’s generation.

We as people have come a long way in civilising ourselves but in the process, we sure have forgotten our values and morals as a human being. A girl has to fight twice as hard to survive today. She is the one that has been sacrificing and compromising through centuries and its high time we changed the system in which the society works.

None the less, women surely are shining through these dark clouds and challenging the male ego no matter what. This itself uplifts the women fraternity and pushes us to think what wonders they can create if given a fair chance, for once.

Here is a poem that expresses a girl’s inner most feelings and how emotionally scarred she becomes in her journey of life.


‘Dream big’, they said,

‘Earn just enough’, they meant.

‘Sky is the limit’, they said,

‘Gender sets the limit’, they meant.

‘Feminism’ was what they demanded,

‘Equality’ was what she needed.

‘Justice’ was what they demanded,

‘A voice’ was what she needed.

Bleeding goddess is pure,

Bleeding woman is not.

Bloody rapist is secure,

Unborn girl is not.

‘Your happiness is our priority’, they said,

‘Your marriage is our responsibility’, they meant.

‘Make us proud’, they said,

‘No need to stand out’, they meant.

‘Love is in the air’, they said,

Religion is in the blood, they forgot.

‘Love is blind’, they said,

but society is not, they forgot.

Her feelings have lost this war,

This cruel and unspoken war.

She hasn’t given up soon,

Just that, the day has to set after noon.

All she does now is smile

despite being dead inside,

Because she is a fighter;

Fighting a dead war,

questioning against sleeping people.

And people?

Well, ignoring her is what they always decide.