Does your daily reading revolve around checking mails and reading tweets? Or maybe your table is filled with hefty textbooks full of bizzare formula? Maybe you never went through that small pile of storybooks that has been collecting dust over the years? That's sad! Dearest readers, it's time you pick up a masterpiece and start reading. But why would you read books when you can Netflix and Chill? Here are a few reasons why-

1. Expansion of Vocabulary

Who doesn't love a well versed person? Reading books helps in expanding your vocabulary and soon you'll be the fluent speaker in your social circles.

2. Improves Writing Skills

Ever wanted to write something but was at a loss for words? Start reading and you won't face that difficulty again.

3. Gain Knowledge

A priceless treasure. Often in life, when you're bereft of financial, emotional and social stability, knowledge comes to the rescue. And what's a better way to garner knowledge than reading books?

4. Stress Buster

No matter how much stressed out your personal or professional life is, books are always an escape. Every time you're tired, pick up a novel and you'll feel relaxed in no time.

5. Improves Memory

A plot. Countless subplots. A dozen characters.Twists and turns. A climax- You remember it all. Needless to say that your capacity to retain information improves. Studies say that every time you create a new memory, the brain forges new synapses and strengthens the older ones. Cool, isn't it?

6. Enhances our Focussing Power

With our busy schedules and immense workload, all of us are multitaskers. With recent technology, you can check mail, chat with a person and rap to a new song simultaneously. The result? Attention deficit disorders. Reading books helps us to focus on one task at a time and you'll eventually attain an organised frame of mind.

7. Strengthens Analytical Skills

With countless thrillers on the bookshelf, every reader begins to join dots and solve the mystery themselves. This strengthens the readers' analytical skills and helps them takle real world problems.

8. Entertainment

There's a growing literary community all over the world who want to read books simply because it gives them pleasure. A good novel transports you to a different realm and kills those boring hours considerably. Need a better reason to read books?



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Beautifully explained! Good one. Do check out mine too.