Awareness Paper Analysis Of Ssc Cgl

Naina Sharma
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I will give you a clear view of the strategy to score high in the section and increase your chances to clear the level. 


S. No.             Categories                                                                  Detail

1.                    Number of Questions                                                   25

2.                     Maximum Marks                                               50 (2 marks per question)

3.                Negative Marking for the wrong answer          Yes (0.5 Marks each)

4.                      Mode of Paper                                                  Computer-Based Exam (Online)

5.                          Language                                                          English & Hindi (Bilingual)

6.                  Type of Questions                                               Multiple Choice ( Objective type)



A Quick View on the Exam Pattern

The SSC CGL Tier-I exam has 4 subjects each having equal marks i.e. 50. The candidates are given 60 minutes to solve those 100 questions. The candidates who are visually impaired and have cerebral palsy will be given 80 minutes. The General Awareness is one of the 4 subjects mentioned in the Tier- I exam of SSC CGL 2020.

The section has a total of 25 questions on various topics related to knowledge of society, current events, and general observation and awareness. These topics can be broadly classified into two categories:

  1. Static General Awareness: This includes topics from History (Ancient, Medieval and Modern), Culture, Geography (India and World), Economics, Polity, General Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology).

  1. Dynamic General Awareness: This includes topics from current affairs (National & International), Government Schemes, Acts and Bills, Scientific Research, Environment, Sports, Famous Personalities, Abbreviations, Etc.

Study Plan

While making strategy and arranging study material for this section you need to keep in mind that the section is a combination of many diverse subjects and topics.


Study Plan for Static General Awareness:

Text Book: NCERTs from Class VI to X

Refresher: Lucent Publication

Year Book: Manorama Year Book

Study Plan for Dynamic General Awareness:

Newspaper: Follow standard newspaper. Read it on a daily basis and make notes.

News Channel: DD News, DD Lok Sabha, and DD Rajya Sabha


Brainstorming on the Paper

Keep in mind no question is tough or easy, these are the answer options which make it tough or easy. You need to analyze the options thoroughly before answering because it may be tricky.

In the Paper the questions asked from different topics and their difficulty level is as follows:

Subject: General Awareness

Total number of questions: 25


Section               Category         No of questions           Question Percentage (%)      Difficulty Level

History                   Static                        4                                             16.00                                       Moderate

Culture                  Static                        1                                              4.00                                          Easy

Geography          Static                        3                                            12.00                                         Easy-Difficult

Economics          Static                         2                                              8.00                                        Easy-Difficult

Polity                     Static                        2                                              8.00                                        Easy

General Science    Static                      7                                             28.00                                      Difficult

Current Affairs      Dynamic                 3                                             12.00                          Moderate- Difficult

Environment         Dynamic                  1                                                4.00                               Easy

Personalities         Dynamic                   1                                                4.00                           Difficult

Scientific Research  Dynamic               1                                                   4.00                        Difficult


Overall Analysis of the Paper:

·     The questions in the paper have been majorly asked from Science, History, Geography and Current Affairs.

·     In this paper, questions are more from the static section.

·     The level of the paper is moderate to difficult.

The Game Changer

The Current Affairs and Science will set your game in the exam. The difficulty level of the exam varies according to the number and type of questions asked from current affairs and science sections.

The Commission changes the level of paper between easy to difficult every time. In this number game, current affairs and science are their all-time favorite sections because the current affair is volatile in nature and has cross-sectional questions whereas science is purely conceptual.

You cannot prepare the current affairs section overnight. It is vast and very dynamic in nature. You have to follow it on a daily basis. It will be a game-changer for you.

To win this game you can prepare current affairs by following the sources which I have discussed in the study plan section and NCERTs will help you in preparing the science section.

Time is Valuable

The General Awareness topic is part of the Tier-I level of examination of SSC CGL. Other than General Awareness this paper has 3 different subjects General Intelligence and Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude and English Comprehension.

All together this paper has a time limit of 60 minutes in which you have to attempt a total of 100 questions.

Out of 4 subjects, the General Awareness subject is the easiest one because it does not involve computation, analysis, and calculation.

Here the questions are majorly fact-based. So either you know the answer or not. It is easy to make your mind. So allot at the max 10 minutes to this section for 25 questions. Attempt if you think you know the answer otherwise leave.

Puzzle of Negative Marking

As I have mentioned earlier the Tier- I exam of SSC CGL has a negative marking of 0.5 marks for each wrong answer.

Guess Work does not help on this subject. In General Awareness you cannot go with your assumptions because these are real-time fact-based questions.

If you attempt 4 wrong answers you will lose the marks of your 1 right answer. Always remember this equation and attempt only when you are sure.

4 wrong answers= 1 right answer= Loss of 2 Marks

The practice is the Secret Key

·     Enroll for online mock test: Take your speed test through online mock tests and change your strategy if the earlier one does not work for you.

·     Solve Last Year Question Papers: You must solve at least the last 5-years question papers to understand the pattern and practice your strategy accordingly.  How to prepare for SSC CGL

Points to Remember

1.   Plan your strategy beforehand and don’t change it at the last minute in the examination hall.

2.   Do not go by assumption.

3.   Do not waste your time on one question if you don’t know the answer.

4.   The practice is your savior.

Keep your calm and stay focused.