Jaipur Accident - What Is Wrong With People?

Suchita Sanghi
Jul 17, 2019   •  116 views

I didn't want to start my first write-up with such a topic, but the first news in the morning newspaper just couldn't go out of my mind.

An over speed car hits the cars and Bikes waiting on a traffic signal from behind and 2 young boys die on the spot. Extremely torturing to even read such a thing. Just imagine the conditions of their family members. I can't even describe in words here.

May their souls rest in peace and God gives their family members strength to bear such a loss. This is all I and many more can say and do.

But can any level of strength be enough for such a loss to a father who saw both his sons dead body together, to a mother who was waiting for his sons to come back from work, to a 4 months old wife who has not even seen one complete season of married life, to a son who has not even played enough games with his father. This is all so disheartening.

The question is why and now what?

Why such an accident happened? Why people drive with no civic sense? Why is the police or government not able to do anything to stop such things? Moreover, what we as humans are heading to?

Just 2 days back my own car was hit from behind on a traffic signal by another car which wanted to skip the signal and rush. With 4 traffic police standing hardly 100 mtrs away, this car hit me and rushed off. I stopped and asked the policemen "aapka bhi darr nai hai" ? A very interesting reply I got from the traffic police men , "madam kya kare hum to kaam karna chahte hai but bade adhikari or neta karne nai dete".

Very true.

The only news that we read today - who killed whom, rape cases of small girls, accidents like these, etc. Not even a single good news in the paper. Why? Nothing good happening around ?

I leave my first write-up open here with a question, where are we as human beings heading to? If my write-up has even touched your heart for a second, do put in your replies here.



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Gaurav Sanghi  •  32w  •  Reply
Yes new car which dint get the number yet hit the boy who was on activa. the very high speeding audi went uncontrolled and hit the boy. The area was same..the birla mandir... Why people dont understand that if they will cross the red light then what will they acheive in those 2minute...now we can only do 2 minutes silence...
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Suchita Sanghi  •  32w  •  Reply
With the licence given to accidentally kill, one more similar accident happens at the same place today in Jaipur.
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Suchita Sanghi  •  32w  •  Reply
Very well said Karan and Lokesh. In fact this issue of making a video in itself is one another big problem. It's all about the awareness that is lacking in people. Lots of people would say that who wants to get into all these police wala matters and trust me they are right to some extent. After hassles are also a pain to the people who are helping. So people are one factor to such things, administration is another. Problems are many. No one wants to work. Even if I want to do something today, people will come and tell me tumko kya karna hai. I think the youth of our country should pledge to stand up to these things, if not more at least they should start following the rules and make people aware about the different aspects.
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Lokesh Sharma  •  32w  •  Reply
Rules follow karne walo/kuch achaa karne walo ka rokna/majak udana is desh ke logo ki sabse badi problem hai
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Lokesh Sharma  •  32w  •  Reply
This is a problem everywhere in the country!! Deshwasio ko jimmedar nagrik banna padega.
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Karan Agarwal  •  32w  •  Reply
This is a very serious issue and more and more people need to come forward to discuss about these things. Another behaviour that this incidence brought to light was that people have become extremely insensitive towards others’ feelings. As we can see in the videos, after the accident, the people are just passing by in their cars and the ones who stop think making a video to share on Whatsapp is more important than helping those people or calling an ambulance.