13 Reasons Why Is A Big No To Teenagers

Srishty Bharadwaj
Jun 20, 2019   •  6 views

Recently, I watched the hyped Netflix series 13 Reasons Why? Before I justify why I would not suggest it to teenagers let me brief the story. So, here is a high school girl named Hannah Baker who has commited suicide and people are wondering why did she do that? Even her parents do not know the reasons behind her act. Two weeks after the suicide her classmate Clay comes across 13 tapes that she has recorded stating the reasons or people behind her suicide. In every episode we get to know these people and what they did. The grim and shady face of high school is showed in front of us.

Spoiler alert!

Many people liked the series. In fact, I was recommended by one of my friends to watch it. First thing that I did not like about the series is everything is shown from the perspective of Hannah. Somewhere, every act of her is justified. I am not judging the person or a teenager but there are no dimensions to the character. May be the show is saving it up for the next season but the multitude in a character makes a great series.

Theme of suicide

The theme itself is so negative passing a wrong message to everyone. I mean, what does it try to convey? That if you are raped or sexually harrased you should hush up? You should not tell anybody? In the series, Hannah's counsellor blames her for rape and she feels hopeless. She has nobody to tell what she has gone through. So what she does? She records herself and commits suicide.

Disbelief in law

The series has a negative impact as it forbids people to take any legal assistance. It has weakened the faith in judiciary and law. If Hannah had shown more courage, the teenagers will get a better way of handling such situations. It is traumatizing to watch a person giving up. The series portrays suicide but fails to convince people like me that the act was justified.

Lack of guidance for teenagers

For a teenager, it does not help in anyway. Rather it worsens the situations he/she is going through. Bullying, murder, sexual assault and rape; all are shown explicitly. If someone really goes through all of it, is it right to follow the path of Hannah Baker? I don't think so.