Religion - Objections

"I've an objection", said James, who's a Christian. "Me too", said Ram who's a Hindu, so did Raheem - a Muslim. In the country of India they all speak.

A religion, sec, sex, gender, cast and it's subcategories have influence on Indian citizens - to the core. Differentiation, integration, and the calculus has already been performed from the centuries. The outsiders have used it to their gain of wealth, knowledge and value.

Although the number of diversions has increased over the time in past four decades, the foolish people have continued their participation in boycotts and riots.

How the religion was born?

In 20th century, in a village of Puttaparthi of the district Anantapur of Andhra Pradesh was born Sai Baba. Performed a couple of magic tricks, might have done few deeds and become GOD.

In 19 th century, in Shirdi of Maharashtra, Sai Baba was born, supporting both Hindu and Muslim religions and become GOD. Now he has lot of temples in South India.

All other religions and gods are similar.

Jainism - Mahavir Jain

Christianity - Jesus Christ

Islam - Mohammed Prophet

Buddhism- Buddha

By and by are other regional religions.

[A person with a certain name, in a certain place, doing some quality of work for those who were in problems become a God and the followers form a religion.]

There's something called as or coined as, sixth sense which I believe is nothing but common sense, not being utilised by the people nowadays. In a herd of cattle/sheep they walk, they fall, ache, they call and gain nothing.

Leaders who convinced, are marvelous because they convinced fools to become further fools which is the history of mankind.

Now the powerful countries are stabbing those who doesn't react or are powerless. The masses are being brutally killed in the name of peace!

Not seriously willing to continue the discussion on religion but following it foolishly isn't appreciable and trustworthy. I'm seriously against anything effecting mankind.