Peace - An Achievement

Peace - it might be in pieces, to get it we should stop ourselves to shatter. There are things to be observed which follows.

- Aim to be peaceful

- Concentrating on peace

- following the paths to attain peace

- learning through the facts


Aim to be peaceful:

It was myself who has always strived to be peaceful. I was calm, I was shattered, for many times I was disseappeared for myself. Days has passed and I've decided to leave everything and settle myself in peace. Attaining it was a path of difficulties. I did it by just walking on it along with my shadow. Yes, only my shadow was traveling with me. The shadow was flickering as my path was getting harder. Still, I followed the same path leaving everything. There were things which has bothered me for decades.

- Concentrating on peace.

If someone is walking on the straight line, there are possibilities that he'll reach the destination after certain period of time.

Similarly, to attain peace, to feel it, we should walk on the straight line. The certainty to reach the end is the focus and the belief you should walk with. The path will automatically be cleared with the aim and the focus and the pace you walk with.

- following the paths to attain peace.

Learn about self first, .i.e. nothing but concentrate on yourself, observe your life and conclude your understanding about how your life has been so far. What are the concerns bothering you. How long you've been complexly bound in the things. What for you describe yourself. And how long your botherings continue for. What sort of things you do get out of the things.

Just make a rough sketch. Describe, discuss, decide and come to a conclusion. What makes you happy are the only things which will give you peace. When you feel that nothing else is there to get or attain then the residual remain is peace.

Let us discuss with an example.

Draw a line.

Walk on it.

Walk for a day.

Repeat the same tomorrow.

Do it for ten days.

Now draw an imaginary line.

Walk on it.

Get yourself diverted.

Walk for ten days with all diverted paths.

Experience the difference.

Repeat it for several times.


Another important thing is to accept the life as it is. Accepting yourself will give you long lasting bliss. Don't run for anything. Just and just do your work. Don't lie to world or to yourself. If you've commited any mistake in past, go to them and accept before them. Then you will attain peace.

It's a long process and there are obvious chances you'll get bored and distracted. But keep moving forward by closing all the impossible botherings.

- Learning through the facts.

There are many facts, which we see and observe in our everyday lives. One day, I was walking on the road and have seen a mouse. There wasn't any heavy traffic that day but it got killed by a bike in front of my eyes.

(Moral) though we see things there are very less chances to control them. We cannot control everything.

Man has inumerous desires, the day he plans for one he gets a thousand objections. It's everyone's life. Understand that peace is only place you can stay calm.

Mob will forget, forget the crowd,

Herd of sheep will never fly

Never will pack of wolves stop hunting

But in peace let your flock of desires fly.