We all are somewhere in love with someone…

Someone who's really special to us…

They can be anyone.

Someone who gives us peace with their presence.

It is that person who gives you mental peace without making any efforts.

To me, PEACE is real love.


Like many of us, I did fell in love…

We were two boats in separate rivers flowing in opposite directions..

Yet I found my peace in him..

I would always like to sit with him no matter where, crowded or just two of us.

I would just keep looking at him freely, observing him intensely without any fear or thoughts.

whenever I find him near me I would think of nothing,not even about him.I’ll just keep looking at him giving a simple smile that reflects my heart and making that time perfectly utilized.

Bound in his wild energies,makes me forget everything and my mind stops thinking about everything I lose or gain.


I just live in the moment,my heart would just relax,making me numb for a while but this numbness brings a happy side in me.