I had always sung the long songs of truth.

From the childhood, in moral stories, in Hindi, English syllabus, what we've learned was not to lie. Till fifth grade, in Gorakhpur my father used to buy me "Champak" which had many stories for kids. Whenever we were in market "golghar in Gorakhpur" or in train to Rajahmundry or Hyderabad dad used to buy "Champak". Counting the trees and the animals on the way, me and my sister has read and learnt many stories which must have helped us somewhere keeping moral values and to complete our "Hindi literature course".

Learning from the stories of textbooks like the son in jail bites the nose of his mother because she encouraged him to lie and to be a thief; has never interfered.

* During the same childhood I've learned that if a lie can save a life; if a truth is killing some one, better not utter.

* One lie leads to thousand consecutive lies as well.

I don't remember any event/happening I've lied till my adult-hood.

I'm from India and my Indian parents pushed me into Engineering.

I turned out a failure. Fortunately I've few friends; Madhusudan is one among and the only one used to phone me regularly.

In 2013/14 I went to Rajahmundry and had exams in the month of November. I had many backlogs I was studying". Continuously I was lying for the first time consecutively. This has continued till 2017, until I've done with my graduation.

It did not either affect or effect me apart that I felt, I've become a liar.

The second major season was when I was in Bangalore, the previous year July 2017. Whenever my mother has asked me about my breakfast, lunch or dinner I had to lie almost everyday.

There're no such instances I remember that caused me seviour effect or guilt with respect to lie. But truth has also given me pain.

One such incident was to tell the girl who was a Mohamadan that "I want to marry her and be with her all my life" when she has initiated about her marriage. It was a six months relationship, she had broken with my single statement and a phone call I made whose recording I've saved in my Google drive.

I've composed many songs for her during and after the relationship. I thought shell understand.

Maybe, she had other dreams...

By the way ahead are exciting stories to relate ...

Jumping to whisper and other chatting apps

It's the world where people"change". Today someone may love us, tomorrow may not. Someone lies with interest, some with passion and few with necessity remaining with habit.

People feel free to express themselves when anonymous. Which happens in stranger chats. I see many lying to their spouses, dads, moms, kids and themselves.

When we observe the last part of lying to oneself; comes scenes, scenarios, theories and the facts.

Sometimes I feel stagnant,

Pregnant with lot of feelings in heart

A pagent

Flying like a peacock with glittering colours

Feel like breathing in shallow deep waters

And always I'll be lying to myself

I carry the ropes of happiness to jump into the oceans of life

I fall

I carry the salt and chilly in my hump

I swallow some bitter leaves

Fixing a bulb in my face

Still I feel betrayed

The victim turns to be me

The culprit turns to be me on the shadows of neighbours and their fables

I had a great time reading stories of cheating on whisper. People cheat because they're not satisfied. They lie because they cannot accept responsibility nor the burden of truth.

It is life where to survive without hurting others we lie. I've never observed any such serious effects because I've never seen.

World is huge with infinity of things happening.


Maybe, I've never seen a world of lie or I've never seen the life in truth to determine the lie! Not sure. Perplex situations- frequently changing decisions... I may not be certainly concluding my topic here but yes I'll be learning my life ahead surely.

I've been

I'd lie to my parents

That I'm happy

I smile

To show I'm strong

It's a lie sometimes

I'd probably lie to my wife

Not to hurt her anytime

Following above cycle

I'd lead a professional life

In an unjustified, certain, immiscible lie.

In this life

Fear of lie and

Dear smile always lie

And will fade after circumfrating years.