How far can we keep/ push problems away

I've decided to write this because I've seen this and experienced to the core.

Let me clarify:

One day, I was walking on the road of Tarnaka in Hyderabad. I saw a little mouse was jumping and crossing the road. Though the traffic was less, I wanted it to be alive and has prayed; in the next second it was killed by a two wheeler.

In November 2015 during which the above incident has happened, I was working in Turiya, and was very happy there and wished it would continue for months but it happened that it was shut without finishing the third month.

I never wanted to travel in the vehicles for hours together, which I've suffered in Sutherland and Amazon.

And both the organisations has fired me, because both were non voice processes and both had no impact on me because of which I'm writing. (It happens!) Many other innumerable stories proving my title true. Even on thinking, you'll get these happenings countable in your life and accountable to your life.

This is not an ending; I've much more to write.

- - - One has hundreds of friends. He complains; everyone backstabs him, and the one who's lonely has his loneliness and his shadow to accompany. I'm a regular traveller of 3AC of Indian Railways. I get two bedsheets and a blanket and a napkin. I didn't receive last time in January 2019. Before which I've read that both napkins and bedsheets are being stolen regularly from the railway property. And the people or the passengers or the travellers of 3 AC spend lot of money to buy tickets. Which is applicable to 2 AC passengers as well! And we assume that only thieves loot us or attack us or (whatever you say). But the fact is not visible to anyone.

I was working in Ahmedabad for eBay as customer service representative and have noticed that many people who are well aware of the policies of the online marketing and they breach for 100 RS coupons, 200 RS coupons and so on. That purchase items which cost below hundred and ask for repay. The same case replicates with Amazon. Which indicates few facts that whomsoever it may concern, whatsoever it may take to, few things cannot be changed or pushed far as the problems of our life!

It is obvious that if we can make our fortune, we can create our problems as well. But we needn't worry. If we have created our problems then we of course can solve it. We all are "karta karma and kriya".

Example: Many men fight their wives for no reason just to convey that they love each other better and would continue the next day by remembering their yesterday's fight. A kind of complex though, but understandable, desirable, convincing and approachable but unavoidable . i.e because if you want to / would like to; you can never!

If we stop casual things from happening then we can never imagine the arrival of serious problems.