Festivals and events

“The Importance and relevance of Festivals – highlight any/only One Festival of any Country”


Centuries ago there were civilizations. I've read that they used to tie a knot for every event.

With the time religions have come into existence and the "God".

With the God, has come festivals.

Starting from India, different countries have different rituals, cultures, religions and the ways to celebrate their festivals.

With the time the human life needed few important days and dates to celebrate respectively such are the days representing or symbolising leaders or the diseases and spreading awareness against it.

As an Indian and a Hindu I celebrate the following listed below:

Dusshera Deepavali Holi

The major festivals of Hindus.

As I am the resedent of Andhra Pradesh and been in Telangana, I celebrate Sankranti, Ganesh chaturthi, Ugadi, I've come across Bonalu, Batukamma etc.

Shivratri, Krishnastami and Ram Navami are other among celebrated.

Christmas in the world, New Year in the world, Tomato festival in Spain and and Halloween in American continents and many tribal festivals are the ones I'm aware of.

Myself and the Festivals:

My Father is from Indian Air Force and I'm the aspirant of Indian Army. In my childhood I've celebrated all the festivals. With time I've become elder.

Now the Festivals are mere holidays for me. Hence, I've/I've developed different opinions and perceptions regarding festivals.

With the vast variety of habits I hold and the hobbies and interests I've, I never had friends. For a decade, i lived a life surrounding four walls. And the college, office...




were the things I was fond of. My desire and my sorrows are mentioned in the poetry and sketches.

With the time and the years passing by and the resolutions I've taken; achieve something (satisfying my heart) everyday: making a sketch, writing a poem either in Telugu, Hindi or English.

I started celebrating my achievements. Every small achievement was my success. Thereby I got habituated of celebrating almost everyday.

I'd say, one should celebrate everyday of life he's living. This is how I come to celebrate the days irrespective of festivals.

Now, I'm utilising internet in a manner where there are stranger chatting apps like whisper and I receive appreciations for my way of behaviour and convincing them. Is it less than a festival?

Festivals and their consequences:

Firstly, I'd mention about the temples. In India as there are no rules to be followed for religious practices; Indian temples shout using the technology of Mike and Stereo system while the people suffer and scream in their houses. In the early morning when everyone is sleeping temples begin their so called prayers on mike. Everyone is behind money. The "babas" start doing all rituals never seen and heard of.

Ganesh chaturthi: Everyone is well aware of the consequences of Plaster of Paris in the idols of Ganesha. In Mumbai and Hyderabad one could realise it's worst effects. The idols do not sink or immerse because they're not biodegradable.

Deepawali: The festival of lights; has become the festival of nightmares. Including doctors are scared of this festival because they don't know who will come with what complaint.

From hands to eyes and body people get affected.

The second part is pollution.

Compared to the foreign countries, our Indian contribution to pollution is nothing. Still we're effecting our own soil, air and people.

"On Social media, I read a many stories of the festival or the rituals, animals are slaughtered."

"My Festivals: The ones I celebrate."

I write a poem- I share.

I take a photograph- I share.

I compose lyrics- I sing- publish on YouTube.

1 On allpoetry.com I participate in poetry competitions. I win medals from Gold, silver to honourable mention.

2 On Viewbug.com I participate in photography challenges.

3 On whisper app I chat. I console, I advise and get appreciations.

I live the each moment of my life.

4 I had sent my Telugu poetry to "Swati". I got rejected letter, a postcard. I was happy that someone actually read me.

I speak to my mother everyday. I do not celebrate mother's day!

I respect every individual woman and I'm a male feminist. I do not celebrate woman's day.

I respect Hanuman and take his name or chant before sleeping. I do not participate in any rally on Hanuman jayanti

5 When I got published on createspace. My English poetry was published. I had no words to describe.

6 When I was getting my lyrics, my own compositios and was singing... I had no Boundaries of happiness.

In the same Bangalore, with my songs, I had been to stand up comedy and has performed.

7 On Instagram waterdovewritings has guided me regarding create space

8 On kik I met Tanya from Thailand. She's a comic book publisher. I was inspired.

On same kik I met Oladunni Baba Tunde from Nigeria. He's my friend from two years. I celebrate my friends with him

10 I was very happy when I foundwww.world-newspapers.comafter six months of research.

I was most happy when I found transartists.org/call-for-artists on which from more than an year I've been publishing my sketches on three magazines: wotisart, A5 and average art.

11 Once on Glynk I met one journalist from lokhit express. He published my Hindi poetry.

I was very happy to see my Hindi work.

12 I act, I perform small mute skits. I did two so far showing my acting skills.

13 As I'm passionate about writing and I'm getting time in teaching I began essays from the time I've seen VoIP from "Blind People Association Ahmedabad Gujarat". I've participated in it. Later on began searching on internet. I found[email protected]

Just yesterday, I/my essay got selected for editor's choice. I've celebrated it by sharing email.

I'm tired of finding myself

In myself

Only in myself

Was the tough

Rough journey though

I didn't step back

Neither I had flip my future

I appreciate my guts

The only way I could see

I could hear

The pain I should bear

I was bare

I'm bare

The skeleton is frozen

Because I was chosen

For what?

Not being brat

I was always mild

I do not want to

I quit

I try

Finding myself in myself

It's harsh

The journey

I've through

I'd not know the result

But I'd surely give a try

I want to

I want to

Being certain with the opportunity

To maintain the hygiene

Of my character

Which has never fumbled

I cried

I cried

I'm still repenting

For being human

I'd wish to master


I'd love to do mischiefs

I'd surrender to the failures


I'd love to show my ego;


I'd like to feel guilty

For everything I've not done

Which is called life

I believe

Never are or were the circumstances;

I'd Want to bring

I'd like to sing

My agony...

This is how I live. I celebrate my work. I celebrate my everyday. And I conclude my essay.

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Google, the social media apps, Facebook everything I'd thank for making me celebrate every moment