"GURUDEVOBHAVA" that means they give equal importance to guru(teacher) as they give to God.Always in our life we have give importance to three people those who are very much important .

First is God then mother and the teacher actually we treat all three equally they say God can't be everywhere that's why he has created mom and she is the first teacher .A teacher can impact on childs future change a child completely .

As mom will never think bad of childs future in the same way teacher will never think or except bad for the students.He is also a God who can build ones future in the way they want.

"GURU BHRAMA GURU VISHNU GURU DEVO MAHESWARAHA GURU SAKSHATH PARA BHRAMA THASMAY SRI GURUVE NAMAHA"one of the famouse preaching in hindu ,which says the respect we give and we have to give to a teacher .

guru Bhrama guru Vishnu guru devo Maheshwaraha means Bhrama Vishnu and Maheshwara are the god where teachers are compared to them . These three gods are the creator of the universe .That means teachers are compared to creators.

Guru sakshath para Bhrama thasmay sir gurave namaha these are the words which give complete respect and salutation to teacher.

To reach one s goal there should e a teacher behind and aim in front.That is I other language guruhindhe guri mundhe when this there child can reach their goal easily ,this is the way how one should to towards their goal.

This gives a path to reach our aim easily .Teacher is the one who give shape to our life.One cannot reach their goal without teachers guidance with this they should also have their complete importance and interest.

If only one side effort is there then the out come will always be negative,that is both teacher and student should equally involved in the process of learning .If teacher losses his interest they will be a very bad impact one students life and also if student losses his interest the bad impact will be on student only the teacher will never be affected.

The teacher has already reached his goal he has nothing to do with the student but also he sacrifices his time and shouts standing in front of students only for the students wellness.

Nowadays students treat their teachers like a slave they will never respect the teacher and students have lost their kindness ,by which their future will be effected.

We should never lose our patience in the process of learning.

Vidhyam vinayathi lakshnannam that is where the goodness find the kindness their she lies.