How Will Covid-19 Reshape The Education System In India?

Deblohit Deb
May 10, 2020   •  2 views

COVID-19 is creating a havoc globally, which has led to closing down schools, colleges, universities and coaching institutes. The pandemic related disruption in the education sector of our country is giving their officials time to rethink and reform the sector. Technology is playing a major role in the education sector to carry on with the learning process smoother. This crisis has shown us some lessons on how the education system needs to change for a better preparation of our future generations. Some major lessons include:

1)      The pandemic is showing how interconnected we are:

The COVID-19 has shown, in a very short period of time, the educational institutions across the country emerged with innovative ways to deal with the learning process. Every student can now access quality education without any biases or feelings of isolation in classrooms. Students are being asked to send their videos of “physical trainings” to their teachers as a “homework”, which is indeed an innovation in the physical education sector. Pupils are now able to navigate beyond boundaries in a collaborative way.

2)      Role of teachers are redefining:

A teacher, knowledge-holder who incubates intelligence to pupils need to learn technical skills as per the requirement in the 21st century. As the students are getting access to vast knowledge and learning other technical skills via just one click on their computers and mobiles, the role of a teacher should be reformed to facilitate young minds outside lecture rooms.