Summers have been killing our souls and how! While we cannot stop our daily routine no matter how much the temperature rises, what we can do is beat the heat with some of the best juice, shakes and lassis in Kolkata. And before you ask, no, I am not going to talk about Keventers or CCD shakes. Here is a list of specifically Kolkata made and famed beverages that you can enjoy in summers, or pretty much all the year round, because they are that good!

1) Mango Lassi, Esplanade

This has been a favourite for locals as well as foreigners. They serve thick, indulgent mango lassi topped with a selection of dry fruits and khoya all year round. Food bloggers from all around the world have loved it, talked about it, and made it famous. It is located beside K.C Das and also has normal sweet lassis on the go.

2) Ice-cream Lassi Shake, Hatibagan

This one has topped the popularity charts recently, thanks to social media. This rich and decadent mix of icecream and milk will surely cool your body besides calming your tastebuds. Topped with choicest selection of syrups, it looks like a drink from heaven and surely tastes like one. A must try.

3) Doodh Cola, Balwant Singh’s Eating House

They are not only famous for their lassis, but also their doodh-cola, which is a curious amalgamation of cold milk and aerated cola. People flock in from far and wide to try this special drink. For the chai lovers, this place has the best desi style tea.

4) Daab Sherbat, Paramount Sherbats & Syrups

One of the oldest and most famous juice places of North Kolkata. You can enter and see the list of all the famous people who have visited this place. The fastest selling item here is the Daab sherbat, which is cocounut water mixed with pieces of malai or coconut pulp. The other drinks are also worth a try, especially their Kesar Malai.

5) Chocolate Tea, Tripti Tea Stall, Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station

Not exactly the cooling beverage you would be looking for but I had to include this in the list. Famous for their rich concoction of milk tea, chocolate syrup, topped with an ample serving of chocolate chips and little hearts, this beverage is every tea lover’s paradise. They also have a wide variety of delicious lassis including their chocolate lassi and special malai kesar lassi.

These are authentic Calcuttan beverages and I hope everyone tries them atleast once. Comment if you know any other because I would love to try them. Thank you.

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