Fitness matters

"Time and health are two precious assets that you don't recognise and appreciate until they have been depleted"

Today's article deals with the importance of fitness in one's lifestyle. Fitness is an important aspect of every individual's life and one needs to keep a regular check on their health and hence remain healthy.

We live in a world which has a lot of diseases surrounding us and these diseases just wait to enter our bodies whenever you give a chance to do so.

The most common cause of any disease that accumulates in our body is unhealthy food and unhealthy or obese body . To be specific an obese body is a home to numerous diseases.

A recent study found out that teenagers and youth are likely to acquire such diseases since they are more prone to fast food and unhygienic foods that may result in their immunity depletion. Another major cause of obesity and unhealthy body is serious mobile phone addiction and this can be seen in almost every alternate individual. People tend to stuck on their phones all the time leading to zero physical activity and thus jamming their body circulation and leading towards an unhealthy lifestyle.

An individual becomes unhealthy when intake of calories is more while burning of it is only quarter of the intook amount or even less. Thus to avoid such situation one needs to include atleast one physical activity in his or her daily routine.

Also one should limit ones diet and concentrate on avoiding junk food so that unnecessary calories are not taken in the body.

It is important to aware this bunch of generation the negatives of not doing any physical activity in a day and how it can affect them.

For example brisk walking, running, Zumba, Yoga and any type of healthy exercises.
Parents should limit the use of mobile phones of their children and send them to do atleast one physical activity everyday to stay healthy and away from diseases.

As we say health is wealth.



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