The person who knows more about healthy diet and concerned more about their health is generally termed as health consciousness and the person is said to be a health-conscious person.

Why health conscious is important?

Health consciousness helps one to prevent diseases. It makes one fit, healthy, energetic and active. That is why it is important.

Health-conscious eating


Health Conscious Eating- Source: TheDeliciousPath

  • Health-conscious is consuming healthy food not dieting

  • It is eating healthy food for a healthy life under money constraints

  • One should know which is healthy food

  • Our stomach is not a garbage to pack with foodstuffs

  • On the other hand, health-conscious eating does not turn you into a hero or heroine

  • It is a way for one to choose the healthy foodstuffs needed by our body

  • One should eat timely in order to maintain your health

  • Skipping meals should be strictly avoided

These health-conscious eating can make a change in one's health pattern.


Facts on Fat- Source: HealthyLivingFacts

How does one become health conscious?

  • Health-conscious starts when one becomes obese

  • As we all know smoking and drinking causes harm to our health, health-conscious people avoid smoking and drinking

  • People first start to go for a diet when they are obese

  • But diet no longer helps one to stay healthy

  • The people become more conscious of their food

  • They avoid fats and include fibres

  • They tend to avoid oil and junk foods

Thus, slowly one becomes health-conscious

Why people nowadays are more health-conscious than they used to be?

It's because people understand health is first above all. People started to know smoking, drinking cause diseases like cirrhosis of liver, atherosclerosis and many other diseases.

They ought to know more about healthy diet to prevent themselves from bone damage, to maintain good reproductive health, to stay fit, to stay away from cancer, diabetes etc.

People tend to know more about health consciousness these days through social media and the majority of the people follow those health consciousness tips. It has become a trend to be health-conscious in this century.


Health Conscious People- Source: Mirror

Health consciousness amongst the youths

Though the youths are the wide users of social networks, they have less health consciousness. They don't have control over their food. College students frequently plan for a hangover and eat lots of junk and unhealthy stuff. Youths know lots of information about health consciousness, but they refuse to follow them. They tend to be health-conscious only when someone says, "You look like a 30-year-old men or women". Then they start to realise to be health-conscious over their food. But they don't follow proper eating habits. They more often change their pattern of eating habits, their lifestyle according to their moods.

They sometimes overdo exercises which may cause risk to their health. Sudden access to too many exercises is not good for health. Our body accepts changes only in a slow process.


Health Conscious Youths- Source: GOQII

But the young generation spends money in health consciousness. They try to engage in health-conscious plans such as hiring a mentor. But they fail to think of their forefathers. They didn't go for a gym or any diet plans still they were healthy only because of healthy food and physical exercise. The youths wanted to be fit but at the same time, they can't follow a healthy diet patterns. So, they prefer for a mentor to guide them. The youths are sometimes over health-conscious which is not good for their health.

Top health-conscious cities in India

  • Delhi

  • Maharashtra

  • Uttar Pradesh


    Delhi- Ranks First In Health Consciousness- Source: SmartWorks

These cities started to provide health supplements. It is comfortable in this fast-growing world. Delhi ranks first as the consumer of health supplements followed by Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.

Here a question arises in every mind, "Do really a health supplement can compensate for a meal?"

It can compensate for a meal to a certain extent but not all the time. Food can't be compared to a health supplement. It's a temporary alternative, not a permanent one. This difference is not known to many people. They just think health supplement is good for health and it helps to be active even if we skip our meals. This is not really true. Health supplements are good only to a certain extent. Since it is not a nature's gift, it has too many defects to health. Before using a health supplement, people should be aware of that particular supplement.


Healthy Food Vs Health Supplements- Source: TakingOfFood

The major consumers of health supplements are the youths between 19 to 24 years old. Youths consume more supplements without actually knowing the need for it.

Health-conscious environment

  • Building a healthy workplace environment is most important for the employees to work comfortably.

  • Providing healthy food in the canteen of the workspace is also important.

  • So that employees work with good health

  • A healthy employee works very fast than the dormant one.

  • So, it is important to maintain a health-conscious environment.

  • It also helps the company to finish their work on time.

  • Employees won't get sick more often.

  • So, the performance of the company gets improved.

  • The reputation of the company automatically increases. As a result, more clients prefer this type of companies.


    Health Conscious Environment- Source: WPMillionaire

Mistakes of health-conscious people

  • Some people who rely only on vegetables seem to be health-conscious, but the reality is they overeat sugar, potatoes which are not good for health

  • Eating vegetables alone doesn't mean to be health conscious.

  • Taking too many supplements is not actually meant to be health conscious.

  • Sleep is very important. 6 to 7 hours of sleep is mandatory to stay healthy. At times, people sleep late nights and wake up early to exercise, it is of no use. Sleep is very important than exercise.

  • Exercise is an additional parameter to add to your health. But sleep is mandatory to be healthy.


    Poor Sleep- Source: Amarujala

  • Fitness do not include exercising. It included breathing fresh air, peaceful mind.

  • All fiber foods are not healthy. Examine before consuming too much fiber. There are also chances of acquiring cancer by consumption of high fiber.

  • Being over conscious of health also affects our health. As it creates negative thoughts, a negative toxic is released in our body which is bad for our health.

Being health-conscious is important. At the same time, it should not be an overdose to us. Life is to live. Health is a key source to live the life we want.

Always be careful on what you eat. Don't blindly take supplements. It's your health and think twice before you do something for your health.