Maintaining physical, mental and social behaviour is health.

Health or wealth

Health is first above all. To earn wealth and enjoy wealth, health is important. Without good health, wealth is nothing.

Why health is called wealth?


Importance of Health- Source: Daviedance

  • Health is more important than anything.

  • Money can be earned as well as can be lost.

  • Fame can be lost as well as earned.

  • But if health is lost, wealth, fame is just meaningful.

  • The real wealth is our health.

That is why health is called wealth.

Benefits of health


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Health is an investment

People with good health live long. They will be more intelligent, efficient and potent to earn more wealth and enjoy their wealth. But people with bad people are more likely to die earlier. So their wealth is meaningless without health.

Healthy country

Health country is built by the overall good health of the people. If people are with good health, then they will earn more money. This, in turn, increases the overall economy of the country. If the economy is increased, new inventions and management of resources will be an easy task for the country. Good health of the population is important for the development of the country.

Healthy living

Healthy living is gained when one stays healthy. Staying healthy doesn't mean being physically fit. It also means the mental stability. If one gains mental as well as physical strength, he/she will show kindness, mercy, humanity towards others. They start to take care of others and find peace and happiness in them.

Healthy mind


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The positive vibes takes place in a healthy body. Inner peace is retained when you have a positive vibe. Your knowledge, creativity skills, sense of humour etc gets developed. You always remain positive and spread positivity. You will start to motivate yourself rather than expecting others motivation.


Benefits of Sound Mind- Source: FloatingAuthority

Why we fail to take care of our health?

Career driven life

In this fast-growing world, people for urging to earn money. So we fail to take care of our health. We are in a situation where money plays a vital role. Night shift at work disturbs our routine cycle. Our food pattern and sleep gets disturbed. This we end up in a diseased health.


Most of the times we skip our meals due to laziness. We feel lazy to wash our hands. We probably don't care about the consequences of it. This laziness leads to large impacts on our health. Infections occur often in our health and we fall sick often.


Health Problems- Source: Ucalgary

Lack of time


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People who are at work can skip meals but they can't skip their work. Their targets in their work need to be achieved on time. Due to lack of time, their food patterns and habits get changed. Tuition, long-distance schools and colleges disturb the routine of the students. They are tuned to be on time but fail to follow their regular food patterns.

Dependance on medicine

Even for a simple cough, we rely on medicines. Because medicines give sudden relief. It is important to remember that medicines give only relief not a permanent cure. We don't have tolerance capacity towards any disease. We are not mentally prepared for tolerating. As soon as we catch a cold, we use tablets to get rid of it. We fail to notice "Food is medicine" rather we follow " medicine as our food".

Due to these reasons, we fail to maintain our health. At times, we even spoil our health.

Steps to make our health as our wealth


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Act on the advice

  • Eat lots of vegetables and fruits.

  • Avoid junk foods.

  • Wake up early in the morning.

  • Bath daily.

  • Be early to bed at night.

  • Do jogging or any physical exercise in the early morning.


Benefits of Physical Exercise- Source: FloatingAuthority

  • Always be active.

  • Do not skip your meal.

  • Don't strain your eyes for a long time by using gadgets.

Stick to this advice and stay healthy.

Change your lifestyle

It is necessary to change our lifestyle to be healthy. We need to change our routine in a healthy manner. For example: we should be early to rise and early to bed. It makes major changes in our body to stay healthy. Once you are healthy, then you will start to be positive. Come out from your lazy lifestyle and stay active. Your mind gets refreshed and your creativity level increases.

Be your own mentor

Usually we start to for a gym in order to attain fitness. As the days go on, we gradually started to avoid going to the gym. It is because our gym partners lose interest in doing workouts. So we too feel the same and avoid doing workouts. First, we should remember, we are doing workouts for our benefit, not for others. Stop relying on others. It's our health and each individual is responsible for their own health. So be a mentor to yourself. Start to motivate yourself when you feel bored or lazy to do workouts.


Health- Source: PWHClinic

"Health is wealth", it should be kept in mind and work accordingly to pursue good health and fitness rather running behind money and fame.