Story of a girl

Six year old Arya was a fun-loving mischievous child. She loved drawing and coloring. Parents would leave nothing undone to provide good education. When Arya was in 1ststandard her parents thought she needs extra support. So they hired a tutor for her. This decision spoiled Arya’s childhood. The tutor began to touch her in the oddest places. She was too young to understand what was happening with her. After the arrival of teacher her parents would shut the door so that she won’t get disturbed. He used this as an opportunity. The tutor won the confidence of Arya’s parents as well as relatives. So everyone at home liked him. The 6 year old was so scared to tell this to her parents. She thought nobody might believe her. She started losing faith in herself. She did not want to make friends. She was afraid of everyone. She started thinking that she is worthless. Despite having a huge family of 10 members, she was abused for 8 years.

Story of a boy

There was a boy who grew up in a joint family. When this boy was 7 years old, some relative from his maternal side raped him. This relative would often visit their house. He was abused in a way that if he was a girl he would have got pregnant. The boy lived two lives. First, where he was getting abused and second, where he was not abused. This boy was abused for 11 years. Not only girls but also boys get sexually abused. You can neither identify by person's face nor by his behavior. we should try to keep our children in a safe zone. As long as our children are in safe zone nobody can abuse our young children.

Safety of children

Are our children really safe at home? One out of every two children in our society i.e every other kid has been sexually abused. It’s a nightmare for every parent. For every parent child is special. Lives of parents revolve around their children. From the time of birth till 60 or so, for parents the child remains a child. Parents are protective. When you become a parent you will realize it. So, if your parents are protective, don't get mad at them. You should rather understand the reason behind them getting more protective. We are told that we should respect our elders but we should the behavior of a person. The one who does bad to you don't respect them irrespective of their ages.



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