According to Eysneck people differs from each other on the basis of the way they express themselves to others and there way of dealing with world around. And on the basis of this trait, eysneck divided personality of people in three types – Introvert, Extrovert and Ambivert.

Who are introvert, extrovert and ambivert? Let’s take a look at each of the term


Introverts are those people who don’t prefer to express themselves a lot in front of people.They are more or less reserved and shy in nature. They enjoy their own company rather than going out and chilling with friends. When a person born he has his unique innate temperament according to which he reacts with the environment.


Extroverts on the other hand are those people who know very well how to express themselves in front of audience and how to make friends. They always have a lot of friends. They love going out chilling with friends and they capture and enjoy those moments. They have a good understanding of people and thus they always react according to the environment and the situation.


At last but not least ambivert are those people who possess mix characteristics of both the personalities – i.e introvert and extrovert. They show their personality according to the situation and people around.For example there are some people who are highly active in professional world,possess good leadership qualities and manage team work efficiently which are the characteristics of an extrovert but in home or in personal life they prefer to sit at home , reading novels, watching television or any other such activity which are the signs of an introvert.

Ambivert can be named as-

Antisocial Extrovert

Those people who need time before reacting or participating in social groups or public gathering to be ready.

Outgoing introvert

Those introverts who become extrovert or act like extrovert according to the need of situation.

Problems an Introvert Person Faces in His Life

When a person born he has his unique innate temperament according to which he reacts with the environment.And when they grow up these temperaments or traits form their personality. So it’s totally natural that a person will become an introvert, extrovert or ambivert. But experiences and situation a person face in his life also change some of his characteristics and make overall change in his personality as well.

But life of an introvert is not easy. He has to face a lot of things in his life because of his reserved nature. The world in which we are living is judgemental. Additionally, in today’s world especially in corporate world demand of people with high SQ and EQ is increasing. The biggest problem with introverts is that even if they possess all the major qualities required for a particular sort of work, they never able to present it to others.

How Can an Introvert Live His Life Better?

Here are some tips which help an introvert to live his life better-

Social media

Social media is a great platform for introverts to express their thoughts as they don’t have to face anyone and the chances of being judged are also very few. Additionally, it also gives plenty of time for an individual to think before saying anything. And it’s not showing your body language and personality to others.

Build your creative sense

Introverts don’t speak much but it doesn’t mean they don’t have thoughts and ideas. They have plenty of thoughts which can come in the form of innovations and inventions.

Move out of your comfort zone

However it are not in the hands of introverts that they are introverts. But if they work on it they can improve or change their personality if not to extrovert but at least to societal extrovert.

Try to chill sometimes

Going out reduce depression symptoms boosts energy levels and improve overall well-being. So an introvert should always try to chill sometimes or on some specific weekends to explore his life and to explore the world.



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being an introvert myself, i can say all this is true to the point! very well written! please do have a look at my wrytups too!!!