Gandhi Family- A New Era To Begin?

Sona Chaudhary
Jul 04, 2019   •  42 views

I woke up today and started reading the newspaper which was lying on the table. One news took my attention. The headline was saying that “Rahul Gandhi resigns as leader of India’s congress party”. It was not like I was shocked but it is something which entertains me and made me curious to ask now who will be the next? There was one another question which was floating in my mind- What actually made this happen?

Some things keep coming into my mind. Is it happening due to modi’s grand win or its rahul gandhi who finally understood that he has no interest in politics or politics is not something which is meant for him.

The results of Lok Sabha election effects rahul gandhi a lot. Rahul gandhi lose his own seat in amethi which gandhi family was holding for decades. This defeat was so crusing for gandhi family that they just won 52 sheets which is even less than 10 percent of seats required to lead the opposition.

He was trying to give resignation from the time when his party lose the elections but the party members and the supporters urged him to stay on by gathering outside his house and by shouting, ”Rahul,don’tquit” !”

But finally he gave his resignation in which he wrote that he felt himself responsible for such a big defeat in general election. But he clearly specified that although he is resigning as a leader of congress party but he will still remain in the party and will serve the country.

He also wrote that he has no hatred or anger towards the B.J.P. but his every living cell will always be against or resist their idea of india.

Now the question arise is his decision correct or not and how will it influence the politics of India. Is it the end of gandhi family rule or there is a new era which is yet to start? The other question which comes into our mind is- was rahul gandhi the only one who should be held responsible for such a big defeat or was it due to the faith of people on modi on the basis of his work which he done in the last 5 years?

According to Congress leaders and party modi divides the country into hindu and muslims and his policy is not answering questions on joblessness, on black money, on economy, and on distress on MSME sector. However election reults gave answers to all their allegations.

Narendra modi has launched various schemes not just to develop India’s economy but also to support india to grow digitally and he also taken steps tomove India from developing country to develop country. He is the leader who is representing India strongly to the other countries of the world and working on building a strong relation with other developed countries. Good relation means good import and export between countries and financial growth of country.

Digital india was just a concept before 2014. But now majority of india is aware about it and most of the people start using online payments applications for money transfer such as paytm and google pay. These applications begin a new era of cashless india and digital india. His schemes for health and for entrepreneurs are targeting all the segments of Indian population.

It’s only the results of his work which gave him this grand winning in 2019 elections as well and it’s interesting to see for how long will it continues.

But still the question arise is it modi’s win or rahul gandhi’s loss? And most importantly who will be the next leader of Indian Congress Party – Will priyanka gandhi be the new face or this family system will end and again a capable leader likes Dr Manmohan singh would given a chance. So that this one party system ends and Indian democracy will emerge as strongest democracy one more time?