How To Make A Relationship Long Lasting?

Sona Chaudhary
Jul 18, 2019   •  28 views

God gifted us a strong emotion and feeling called love. This emotion holds two individual together and form a relation between them. And this termed as relationship. A Relationship is between all those individuals who share a bond with each other. It is something through which a person feels connection with other. However the love is the base of every relationship but it is not the only thing on which a relationship can survive. Rather every relationship needs some important values to survive doesn’t matter whether it is a romantic relationship or a family relationship. In a relationship both members have some kind of expectations from each other and they love the dependency on each other for some things but they also want their private space and independence in relationship as well. These make things complicated and create issues and problems in a relationship.

So in order to survive a relationship needs equal efforts from both sides. Everyone expects something from their partner but don’t work from their side to hold the relationship. Blindly following myths are also one of the major reasons for relationship problems. Instead of following the myths people should hold and focus on the important values which are required for a relationship.

The important values required for a healthy relationship are –


No doubt without trust it’s difficult for a relationship to survive. It is the pillar which holds the house of relationship and gives support to it.


Every partner needs each other’s support. Their support makes things easy for them. And the support of his/her partner is the biggest strength of an individual.


Of course if you are not loyal to your partner. How can you even suppose that you are in a healthy relationship? Relationships are all about loyalty


Love is important but respect for each other makes relationship strong. If you give respect to your partner you will get it in return as well. And if you don’t treat her well. Don’t even expect from her a well.


Just think once will you like a person who wants you to change in everything. If he will not like anything in you the way you dress, the way you talk etc. So why you always tell your partner to change according to you? Accept your partner the way he is. Or if you want some change for his/her betterment tells him calmly so that it won’t hurt him.

6.Personal Space or independence

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you are in jail or you guys are tied together and will suppose to do everything together. Give each other personal space to breath. Otherwise it will become hard for a person to survive in a relationship. This is also emerging as the main reason of divorce these days.


Showing love and romance always make a relationship fun and happy.1.Romance is intimacy of not only bodies but also of souls. Romantic dinner and trips are the best way to show love.


A person always needs time from his partner. One must include his partner in his priority list. This is the most common expectation in a relationship and lack of what cause various problems.


Relationships are all about give and take.If one partner only takes and never gives, something is bound to break. Healthy relationships need compromise in order to work and to establish happiness between both partners.

A healthy relationship is one in which both the partners are happy. If there is no happiness there is no meaning of relationship. The relationship is like a thread if we stretch it too much it will break or if we don’t stretch it at all it will get loose or knots will get form in the thread. Like thread a relationship also need equal work from both side without excess of force from any side. A partner should focus on the need of his/her partner instead of showing off to the world. Always remember that only you guys are part of relationship the rest of the world is not. Don’t follow or work according to them work on yourself and your relationship and make your healthy relationship precedent for others.