Implications of holistic understanding

Human being only need to develop the right understanding for attaining happiness and prosperity.

Natural acceptance of human values

The universal human values help in bringing harmony at various levels of living. These are naturally acceptable to all human beings and lead to happiness and prosperity. Out ignorance, wrong assumptions and pre-conditionings ,illusions about ourselves, our relationships with other entities restrict ourselves in inculcating human values. Thus, we are hnable to attain happiness.

once we start verifying our assumptions and pre-cknditionings on the basis of our natural
acceptance ,we get the right understanding and are able to inculcate universal human values within us. These universal values are the reality of existence and are always there. We only need to discover these through self -exploration and learn to live in accordance with them in order to attain happiness.

definitiveness of ethical human conduct

The right understanding gained through self -exploration also enables us to identify the definitiveness of human conduct which may also be called the ethical human conduct. It is the same for all human beings. So we are also able to understand the universality of ethical human conduct which is in accordance w8th the universal human values.

Each one of us wants to have a definite conduct but we are not able to ensure it. THIS IS because we are presently living on the basis of our prr-conditionings or assumptions which are not in accordance with the truth or right understanding. Unless we have the right understanding, we are not able to identify the definitiveness of ethical human conduct. For this we need you

understand the salient features of the definite human conduct I.e.the ethical human conduct
These are :
1.values (mulya)
3.character (charitra)

  • Values : values are a part of our ethical conduct. They are the natural outcome of realisation and right understanding,which is always definite. The value can not be enforced through fear, greed,amd false beliefs .only right understanding through the process of the self exploration can help in inculcating universal human values to attain harmoney .

  • policy : once we learn to live with values, we are able to develop an ethical sense in all our pursuits. This is reflected in our thought process, behaviour and actions .As a result we adopt the policies that contribute to human welfare which eventually leads to enrichment, protection and right utilization of mind, body and wealth.

  • character : definiteness of our character is the outcome of the definitiveness of our behaviour and work. This can be characterised in terms of:

  1. Chasity in a conjugal relationship I.e.chastity in husband -wife relationship.

  2. Rightful production,aquisition and utilization of wealth

  3. Kindness in behaviour and work.

Universal human order and it's implications

Suitable systems ,guidelines and policies evolved in the light of right understanding help in moving towards a universal human order. This will be naturallyaccepted to all human beings. We know that except the human order all the other orders are in harmony. So, it is very important for us, the human beings, to understand the importance of harmony and live accordingly. Once we have understood the harmony ,we get the notion of an undivided society and universal human order.

Humanistic education

There is an urgent need for change in the education system towards humanistic education which should be based on right understanding, Education is not just reading and writing rather a process that enables the human beings to live in accordance with natural acceptance.

one should evaluate all the efforts and actions in the light of right understanding. Humanistic education will help in appropriate integration of values and skills in human beings. This will enable them to understand their physical needs correctly and adopt suitable techniques and production systems to fulfill these needs in eco-friendly and people -friendly manner.