The outbreak of the COVID 19 has adversely shaken the whole World’s economy, trade, daily life, education, almost every sector. However, the pandemic has a positive side that many of us are not aware of.

What happens after the pandemic completely gets vanished?

1) The whole world face-off a common foe, a foe that can neither be seen nor touched, this means the value of a human being is ultimately nothing as many of the humans feel arrogance, attitude, and considering themselves superior, the best thing I like is that rich people are more prone to the pandemic than poor, which means money and materials are of no use when there is no human life.

2) Superstitious beliefs are no longer believed, God has given all of us great mind and brain and have authorized us to make as much use of it as we can, but we despite that run after the religious businessmen who frighten us by indoctrinating our minds to realize the need for following them instead of using mind and coming up with an innovative solution to put them into practice.

3) people will value Humanity more than materialism, as people in the whole world almost all the countries are quarantined and socially isolated, therefore, after people, ride out, will start realizing giving more value to human life than materials.

4) Time will be valued more, those, who before the outbreak, used to waste their time trivially will know how time is valuable, and will make the best use of it.

5) Everyone will realize the need for Self-independence, because during the pandemic, as each and everyone is in search of saving own life, and seek how to survive this novel disease, therefore, people after the end of the pandemic will look for ways to survive individually.

To close, God’s plans are way better than us, every disaster, pandemic, catastrophe, adventure, and unexpected event has a deep-seated message if we humans think coherently and discover the positive side of it.