Effects of Deforestation

In this world of supercomputers, artificial intelligence and digitalisation we are just one step away from our most wanted generation i.e.,‘The Treeless Generation’. Yes, it might be a joke for some but people, your most wanted generation would soon be launched. Just like the promos of movies, the promo of this generation have already thrilled people and this is what people want,adventure and thrill in their lives. Like, flash floods in Kedarnath and Kerala. Indonesia also suffered the three deadliest disasters in a year that witnessed earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and fires in 2018. A 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck the Southern Highlands province of the Papua New Guinea in February. Heavy rains at the end of August and in the early September caused dangerous flooding and landslides in the North Korea which destroyed more than 800 buildings. Dearies, these are merely promos or I should say the thrilling promos. So, can you imagine how horrific the generation would be?

This is just the beginning of this generation because global warming, melting of glaciers have already filled the columns of the newspapers. And the people are so determined , I really appreciate the determination of the people because they don’t want to know or understand the above situation. Though many campaigns, NGOs are trying to aware people but the foundation of the problem is that they don’t want to get acknowledged or don’t want to understand the situation because major problem is that the people are limited to oneself, they have become selfish, want everything for themselves and their family. The attitude is ‘ who really cares’. Now the question is why the people have this neglecting attitude? Why they don’t feel the need of protecting the environment? Why they have become blind towards nature?

Everyone wants comfort in their life but what about our environment. Without nature have you all imagined how our lives would be? These questions have become merely questions with no answers because everyone is busy in themselves.

Solutions for Reducing Deforestation

Some of the known conservationists of the times who really felt to protect environment are : Rachel Carson who was the American marine biologists and the conservationist. Jim Corbett, Saroj Raj from India and many more. Now, one more point to be noted is that everyone wants fame, name and money without this, people don’t want to do anything. Situation is that severe that if they are doing something good for the welfare of the society they just want to posts their pictures and videos on social media. Why? Just to get famous. So what’s the use of doing it if you don’t really feel for it.

Yes, I know this is a common topic to talk about but it is the most wanted topic of today. People talk about ‘ saving trees’ but do people really feel for the nature? And everyone want scenic beauty around. They crave for beautiful tourist places. But they will not water the plants , instead they would try to pluck them up. So, what’s the use of this fake personality. People, hat’s off to your personality. And if this personality and mentality is maintained then the trailers would not be available only action of this generation could be seen. So, protection of our environment is the need of the hour. Let’s change the perspective of our thinking and make ourselves aware about the hazardous effects of polluting ,destroying and cutting down of the trees.

So, let’s unite and stop nature from converting our green generation into ‘The Treeless Generation’.