Is Shaadi A License To Domestic Violence?

Smriti Kandpal
Jun 13, 2019   •  48 views

Domestic Violence

This seems quite sarcastic right? Because in the land of religious beliefs how can “shaadi” be such an evil. In this country like India where shaadi is the symbol of purity, symbol of a new life where shaadi is equals to happiness, and most importantly shaadi in India is handing over their daughters to someone who is unknown right .

So, the question here is how can I choose a topic like this? How can a symbol of happiness, symbol of a new and the most purest relation be the most dreadful evil. Though we live in the 21st century where everything is changing with a rapid pace but our mentality remains the same becausewe live in a male dominated society. Though we talk more about the women’s security still we lack in their protection. Moreover we ignore them, though I know women are developing but why we talk only about those who are developed, who are bold why we don’t talk about the underprivileged, malnourished and the ones who suffer harassment and domestic violence everyday?

Why women are considered inferior in the society , why it is always told her that after her marriage her only duty is to serve her family and husband?

Mentality of the Society

So, what should we expect from this society where she’s always told that after shaadi her parents would be changed, her house, priority, life everything would be changed? What should we expect from the society where her new parents have the right to taunt her, treat her like a slave?

What should we expect from the society where parents think more about her marriage than her education? What should we expect from the society where domestic violence is still the biggest obstacle in the country’s progress? What should we expect from this society where women are sold in the name of marriage where she becomes the guest in her own house where she spent her childhood and adulthood?

Is there anyone to answer my questions ? I guess no one right? Because according to the people these are the most irrelevant questions? Well, I don’t want answers I want actions because it’s said ,“ Actions speak louder than words.”

Though awareness and laws have changed the mentality of the lot more people but still there are places where women suffer domestic violence and the reason could be any from giving birth to a girl child to not handing over the dowry to spouse’s family. Though it sounds quite strange because “they” say society is changing and so the mentality.

So, shaadi in India gives a license to men in humiliating her,suppress her, beat her, mentally abuse her and shout on her. Because now they have the license to keep her and work on “it”. Yes, “it” because for you she’s merely a deal or a thing which can be used anywhere and anytime. This is what we could never imagine but yes this is prevalent in the remotest areas of the country. What a wonderful sarcasm know parents hand over their daughters to those to whom they think that they will always be there to protect her from the cruel world but what if the protector becomes the hunter?

And I guess this is not the issue that only feminists should raise rather it should be raised by the entire society because at one hand you worship goddess Durga for strength, goddess Lakshmi for wealth and goddess Saraswati for knowledge but on the other hand you treat her like a slave, beat her, restrict from going out to achieving her goal. So, wherever you notice, observe this kind of behaviour so try not to ignore it because here is the importance of your so called humanity, here is the importance of your so called manpower and here is the importance of being a human. Rather than making it a hot topic for discussion we all should tackle it together and lets not try to insult the importance of marriage because this the relation between two souls so we can’t treat anyone like a slave or servant. Everyone has equal importance, respect and dignity. Try to respect her and if you can’t then don’t disrespect her too because she’s the woman with the self respect and if you people think that she’s incomplete without you then you are totally wrong because women are the sheroes of their own life who don’t run behind a hero.



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That's absolutely right 👍 every person should be treated with due respect ,and I don't know what is the problem with the society which forces a women and tried to judge them also contain elder women in it!!!! At least they should understand the struggles in the life of women as they have gone through them and should try to support other women.