They say you marry a person on earth because you have been destined to do so in heaven. But, what about the mess that people have to encounter before or after the marriage. Is, it also the part of God's plan...

Talks on marriages are quite difficult to get rid off. Seriously, I mean we can have them anytime, anywhere; in fact, I have heard a story of a couple whose first meet up was arranged by their respective parents on some funeral. Also, recently while I and my buddy were walking in a park when an old lady stops by us and start blessing by saying," may you get married to a good man soon ". Even though we just informed the lady about our current qualification of being graduate some microsecond ago. I don't understand why people especially (or should I say only in INDIA) have some kind of Obsessive Compulsion towards marriages. And, because of this mental stimulation, girls are made to behave, act, react in a certain manner, so that in future there is no problem of any groom for her.

The atmosphere around her gives a huge amount of importance to marriage, that the girls automatically start believing that they have to be the best of them to settle with the best. Their only goal in life becomes to marry a good wealthy guy. This further leads to low focus on the education part and more on house-related chores. This fact has reflected by many tv shows and more recently by a web show called MADE IN HEAVEN; wherein one of the episode we witness a beauty pageant hosted by the NRI groom to find a perfect girl for their family. The more shocking part of this sequence is that girls are participating in such stupid things eagerly. When asked about the reason for their engagement, they come with a quick answer by stating It's their only way to get a passport of a foreign country. What kind of unequal condition are we been presented with, where one has to simply give up the life of their choice to live a happy life framed by society.

Then, we have another obstacle of inter-caste marriage, which has been prevailing in society since ages. Many lives have been unnecessarily taken away in the name of RESPECT FOR FAMILY. It's always been difficult to understand how can a person from the same caste assure a satisfied marital life, even though he/she has a different approach towards life. A caste has nothing to do with the way two people wants to spend their life. We can still insulate basic humans values in future generations. Inter-caste marriage will only enhance the understanding of people towards each other culture. This will further may help us to broaden our horizon towards every caste, and we may never know that this small initiative can make a change on practical ground.

The latest one to add to the obstacle list is marriage with the same person. Now, even if you have got the person from the same caste; but they are not of the opposite gender, then there is a major issue. The society may even consider you(called special ones) abnormal, and therefore will not leave any place to get the thing cured. The society needs to get this fact straight in their head that, it is the choice of the person with whom they are happy and feel the connection. From, the beginning we have been taught to enjoy the moment by feeling their essence in our life. And, it can only happen if we have the right company around the corner. The major problem that people have from the same gender marriage is of children, how will they come into this world, what kind of bring up they will have and how will the same gender parent deal with issues of the child. I think everything is possible in this world, but we need to least provide an opportunity for the change. The connection can't be made to feel with the person, it just happens with the desired ones.

Let's for once make efforts to prove the statement that marriages are made in heaven and the special person we meet on the earth is destined to be with us in every moment. It won't take much from the people, they just need to keep aside all their expectations and enjoy themselves in whatever they are being served. Weddings are one of most delightful time of one's life, and therefore, should not be spoiled by any narrow-minded acts.