Child Labour

Child labour is a crime, we should try to make laws for it, we should try to eradicate it as children are the future of the country.

Hhh!! These are the common sayings which we listen from the people whenever 'they' witness a child working in a shop or industry. But the reality is "who cares". These sayings are merely the formality which once in a lifetime every person did. Merely making laws would not do anything good but when the laws would be followed and implemented then only one can say we saved the future of our country, yes we saved our child. Child labour is the evil practice in which many small school going children are engaged. These children are forced to steal and beg. Therefore, it is our moral responsibility to help eradicate child labour then only one can say we have a bright future ahead as children are the future of the country. And we should always keep in our minds that "Children are meant to learn not to earn".

They always crave for beautiful things around themselves but wicked Shakespeare and the beauty of mountains and valleys discourage them as these beautiful things are totally different from their blur and dirty world. According to Alphonse Daudet's, 'The Elementary School Classroom in a Slum', these children are the blot on the map of the world. They spent their lives in the dingy and stinking lanes of the slum. Seeing the beauty of this world there arises an imaginative hope, that someday they too would witness the beauty of horizon. These enlightened imaginative hope force them to rob and they commit thievery which makes them a criminal.
Question is , are we really living in the 21st century? Is this the scenario which we dreamt of ? Yes, everyone is happy here as day by day life is changing and thus we are getting amazingly beautiful facilities. Yes, wait readers I'm coming to that , the era of emojis, likes, dislikes and most importantly the era of social media- facebook, whatsapp, instagram etc. my words would fall short but this list would never come to an end.

But people, in the world of memes and posts, love and hatred where is the life of those children who work 24 hours a day in shops, industries,factories, restaurant etc. why we avoid them, just because they don't have a family and money we neglect them. But instead of posting memes on facebook or instagram if we could have tried helping these children then we could have saved at least the life of one child. But this is the era of "who really cares". And thus this selfish world could never become a place to live in for these children as people have adapted themselves with the environment of the painful cries of these children.
If it comes to truth, even I avoid them as well, I too don't care but through this article at least I could help in creating awareness and encourage those people who have the power to change the lives of these innocent and helpless children.

According to the survey of UNICEF about 152 million children among which 64 million girls and 88 million boys are estimated to be in child labour globally. And it is more prevalent in Sub Saharan Africa.

How to eradicate Child Labour

But question here is, how we can try small steps to eradicate this evil? So here are some of the tips:

  • First, Child Labour is the evil practice and it could only come to an end when every person stands for humanity side by side and create awareness.

  • Rallies, awareness programmess should be organised in the schools and NGOs.

  • You should inform police if you saw a child working in the big factories and shops.

  • Parents can adopt a child so that the child doesn't live in dark instead enjoy his/ her bright future.

  • Should research in which areas these gangs are active and should try to inform police as fast as possible.

Children are the blissful blessing of God, never ruin their lives. Try to make them happy.

So, lets join globally and take them off from their catacombs and help them enjoy the beauty of this world.

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