As you grow up there will always be this question for you what should I do? What is the solution for this? And sometimes we end up saying I don't know what to do? Basic questions and every one around us has this question? But the real problem are not this question the real problem is our thinking our nature of giving up. The biggest problem is our view we always forget that if we have a problem there will be a solution for it to because every question has it answer.

Don't get upset about not getting the solution instantly even the god Rama also got everything after fourteen years of long gap even though every thing god Rama had but he was unable to use anything what he had.

I am not comparing god with us but what we believe is that God is our almighty, god is immortal and we are simple human's. So if God had to wait for long then we can also wait for every solution.

Sometime you have every one around you your family your friends still you are not able to speak out because of thelump in you throat. Because you don't know how to say the things out or how to tell a person that they have to listen to you but you don't want their opinion. Or sometimes we are just afraid to listen to the suggestion.

You are too much out of the zone during this time that you don't know what to do else you don't have the mode to do something. You just feel like sleeping the whole day so that you don't have to face anything or you just wish that the time you open your eyes all will be back to normal.

The strom in your life will be gone away. The most painfull situation is you don't know whom to share your problems with but this is what life is "deal with your own problems". No one will be there to ease your life our take your problem on their shoulders.

It's not like only you have problems everyone does have problems life is a big ocean of problems but your should know how to tackle them how to face that situation. But if you are not able to fight just leave it on time and on your God.

As it is said time heals every thing so if you don't know what to do in any situation just leave that on time. And have faith in your god. Good deeds bring back good to you. And till the time you don't have solution distract yourself with somethings that will make you happy atlest if not happy it will bring some kind of peace in yourself.What is most important is that you should never give up on your situation or on your life.