Hampi is one of the wonders in the world with full of natural scenario and best place for spending vacation with family. It is the place which signifies glory, traditional and cultural brilliance with beautiful architecture, heritage moment with symbolic ancient stories embedded in it.

Hampi is one of the ancient place in Karnataka, India which recognized as UNESCO-World Heritage Site. It is the listed second in position as most visited places across the globe according to The New York Times in 2019.

Hampi is a city which is situated neared on the banks of Tungabhandra River where numerous ruined ancient temple monuments from Vijayanagara Empire are presents with beautiful design structures and also some tourists attraction places. It is always attracted spot for tourist. Around 25lakhs of tourists across the globe visits every year to this place.

Hampi is one of the mythology place where temples like Vitthala Temple, Virupaksha Temple, Hamara Rama Temple, Achyuturaya Temple etc. Hindu Temples are presenting in ruins form and also with beautiful monolithic structure which nearly situated from the 7th Century. This place is also a sacred pilgrimage site which attracts many prigrims.

According to ancient Puranas, this is the place where Monkey Kingdom that is nothing Kishkinda, the place where God Hanuman lives with other monkey fellows. There is also Hanuman Temple located in Anjaneya Hill.

One of the best places to see in Hampi is Matunga Hill which is an open air spot which is situated in a hilly region, the place attracted to many trekkers and climbers for Rock climbing and trekking purpose. It is also of the sunset point in Hampi where excellent spectacular view can be seen.

Virupaksha Temple, one of the most ancient cultural site from 7th Century is available in this city. It is the shrine place where Lord Shiva is in Virupaksha form is present. Nearby this temple there is also one tourist spot that is Hemakuta Hill where ruins temples and monolithic sculpture in Lord Vishnu form is there. These hills also provides excellent view of Hampi Bazaar where available from the 16th Century in Vijaynagar Empire. Not only this Achutraya Temple one of the best place to visit at the time of sunset and sunrise. Nearby Hampi Bazaar there are many places to visit like Monolithic statue of Lord Ganesha, a bull statue, Nandi is also located at east street and Krishna Temple.

Lotus Palace is a place where lotus-eyed dome is there. Designed with a walled compound also called as Zenana Enclosure is built for royal women's and Queen's Palace is the largest structure in it. And also Hazara Rama Temple is located neared which is one of the smallest temple in the city. There is also Elephant stables being located nearby which is used to serve as an enclosure for the royal elephants during the empire there are eleven chambers which are highly decorated.

Underground Temple which is shrine of Lord Shiva one of the important places to visit in Hampi. There is also Dasara Dibba which also called as house of victory it is the platform which is situated inside of the royal enclosure of Hampi the platform is made of stone and is in 12metres in height.

As this place nearly to Tungabhadra River there is Dam is built on this river which is located at 16kilometres from Hampi with a beautiful garden to see with nice dancing fountain. Not only this it is also famous spot where tourist can take a Basket boat trip called as Dongi, a bowl basket shaped boat which is used to cross the river.

Sasivekalu Ganesha, the Ganesha God idol in monolithic form is also one famous place to visit which resembles deity according to the locals.This place also have Ugra Narasimbha,a form of God Vishnu is one of the biggest idol in this city.

This place also have one of the most hotspot place in the locals be Pampa Sarovar which is the best place for all photographers who are visiting this ancient city and best time to visit this place is at the end of day.

Apart from this one of the grandest temple in all monuments be Vitthala Temple. The temple complex has many halls, shrine and pavilions located inside it which made of stones with beautiful design. This temple is surrounded with cravings wall which considered development from 16th century. This place also have shrine of the Godness Devi, Sabha Mantapa or Main hall, Ranga Mantapa, Kalyana Kantala or Marriage hall and also famous Stone Chariot. One of the significance is that Stone Chariot surrounded by Vitthala temple which presents nearly in south-east side also appears on new Fifty 50 Rupee Note by India after Demonization which portrays cultural heritage of the country.

Best time to visit in month: October to March.

How to Reach:

  • By Road:

Local transportation like KSRTC buses are available to this place and some Private and Tourist vehicles are also there.

  • By Rail:

Nearest Railway station is Hospet which is 13 kilometeres from Hampi.

  • By Air:

Nearest airport is Bangalore which is 300km from this city.
Nearest airport is Belgaum which is 270km from this city.



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