We All Are Stories In The End....

Shyam S
Mar 22, 2020   •  38 views

Waiting for the Perfect time or Opportunity to do something or to get something isn’t always the best choice.

You should always dare to take the first step towards destiny in order to get something you entail.

One should always be a product of his own Decisions rather than being a product of the Circumstances        .

Any story without a suspense, a twist and a revelation point isn’t really a great story . That’s so similar to our lives in order to be interesting and intriguing it demands hardships, happiness, sadness and at the end you’ll be shocked on seeing how the dots are beautifully connected . 

You can't connect the dots looking forward  you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.  

Life is not so long enough to wait and hope for things to happen. But some things are beyond our hands and only the universe might have the answer to those questions. In such times we can only hope for the best to happen.

You should always remember that its very much okay to look stupid rather than being a stupid. Never see life as a race or try to first at everything . See it as a marathon ran in between beautiful Woods,  Mountains , Riverbanks and Sea Shores . Every part of it demands a  different skill set and a completely different you. You just have to enjoy the Run and make sure you are not left alone for a long distance . Just breathe one thing at a time . Because many days after completing the marathon what brings you happiness is….. Not the Position you placed . It’s the memories of the beautiful experience you earned all along the way .






Hope you make a Special story to tell .




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