What is so different about blacks and whites ?

That the dark colour leads to suppression of their rights.

What is so different about girls and boys ?

That the boy gets to go to school and the girl not even the toys !

What is unacceptable about a girl dating a girl and a boy dating a boy ?

Love is unconditional, girls can be bold and boys can also cry .

We are in the century where, from our costumes to our culture are influenced by the western culture. Our society is very flexible in adopting changes but not when it comes to thinking. From sarees to jeans and shorts, from homemade juices to Spanish sangria, from speaking native language to understanding different languages of the world, we all have come a long waybut even after these changes one thing that has never changed is discrimination on the basis of gender, colour and sexual orientation.

Westernization can improve your lifestyle but not your thinking. Your clothes don't make you modern but your ideology does. So accept every individual without being judgemental. Why to discriminate when the dark clouds bring you rain and the white ones bring sunshine. When creator of all the humans has not defined any rules to differentiate them, then who are you to do so? Rather than raising the standard of your living improve the standard of your thinking. Live and let live.