Self love isn't about thinking that you are better than anyone, that comes from insecurity and not love. Self love is about learning how to accept and love yourself for who you are and not needing to compare yourself to anyone. Self love is about loving yourself so much that it comes natural for you to love others, to share your love with others.

Self love is extremely important, especially in today's world where people are always present at every step to judge you and criticize you. We human beings are not the same, we are different from every individual in our own ways and that is what makes each one of us special. Some are chubby, some are slim; some are tall, some are short; some earn in lakhs while some are unemployed; all these factors do not determine what we are and neither do they make any of us any less special.

We should never let anyone undermine us or get into our heads saying that we don't deserve something, or there is something lacking in us. We were not created to make everyone happy.

You may not have flawless skin like the girl sitting beside you, but that does not make you any less beautiful.

You may not have dashboard abs like the other boy training alongside you, but that does not make you any less handsome.

You may grow grey hairs at the age of twenty, but that does not make you old.

You may not be earning as much as the other guy in your school does, but that does not make you any less deserving than he is.

We should learn to be happy and satisfied with what we are and it is through this acceptance that we can attain peace. Don't let the bad days make you think that you have a bad life. Everyone faces obstacles in their lives and these obstacles shape us into a better person than we are today.

The moment we start concentrating on ourselves, we don't need other's approvals.

In a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.