Jonas Brothers – The Boy Band That Came Out Of The Teen Pop Sensation Title

Shreya Fotedar
May 06, 2019   •  46 views

Jonas Brothers began their journey in 2006. Their first album, It’s About Time, did not do well, but with Jonas Brothers getting special appearance on Hannah Montana the following year – they became new teen pop sensation and heartthrobs of the teen girls in the United States. But, back then they seemed to be like any other boy band that would lose their fanbase and stardom in few years.

But in 2019, they proved everyone wrong. They reunited after 6 years with their new found adulthood with the new single ‘Sucker’ debuted at number 1 on Billboard Top 100. With three brothers being married now, Jo Bros are giving a signal to the music industry that they are not like other boy bands that had a great career for 5 years and that’s where it ends for them. But, they are here to stay.

Unlike other boy bands such as Backstreet Boys, One Direction, Big Time Rush, etc. they are different. For starters, they are brothers. They can never break-up, they are supportive and as far as Instagram tells us, together and united. The Jackson 5, who started the trend of boy bands in the United States in the 1960s, they were brothers as well but because of their dysfunctional family system they broke up and could not maintain their stardom. But, what Jonas Brothers have is a good family system that gives made them the ability to rise up. Hence, making them the first boy band to get number 1 position on Billboard Top 100 in 16 years.

They have beautifully showed the world and their fans on how they have ushered into adulthood and how they are no more boys, and they are men with wives and families. With the youngest member, Nick Jonas getting married to our very own desi girl, Priyanka Chopra at the age of 26, the men aim at a larger audience and wish to breakthrough from young teen girls fan base. They have opened doors for themselves in India and China with his marriage to do Indian actress, and Joe Jonas marriage with Sophie Turner attracts adults watching Games of Thrones. With good use of their star power of their own and that of their wives, they have managed to gain momentum and gain audience beyond teen heartthrob boys who young girls fantasies over. We wish them all the luck, and hope Nick jiju’s band continues to rise up the ranks.



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