Close Your Eyes & Think For A While.

Oct 13, 2019   •  118 views

It was the month of August & I was on my way to college. As you all know how difficult it is to cross roads after you have gotten down from a crowded bus & then you have to wait next to the divider for the perfect timing in order to speed your legs up & reach your first part of the destination.

The thing here is I am always in a hurry & sometimes (although the sometimes I am talking about is not very sometimes but seldom) the fear of not being in College on time insists me to pay least attention to the consequences that might show up due to my absolute carelessness towards life.

I do not of course remember the exact date on which it happened, but that day, that very day, I don't know how, something really important clicked right inside my head & then all I could hear was, 'Shreyaaa. Stop. Let's go aaram se today. You have never been late. You wouldn't be late today as well. Things can take a completely different turn in just a second. Your parents love you so much. So much beyond your imagination. You mean the world to them. They cannot even bear the thought of a minor injury coming your way & causing you harm, then just think about what would happen to them if something really goes wrong'. All those words of my mom & dad resonated so well at that moment. It felt like someone on purpose inserted all those words of wisdom into my ears then & then to drag me out of adversity. It worked like a medicine. The one that consists of healing power.

My parents - The true incarnations of God. They are the ones who constantly keep cautioning me about the steps I think of taking in my day to day life which has kept me sane & safe all throughout my journey till today. They never fail to remind me, how precious I am for them. I think, it has always stayed with me in my subconscious mind ever since. This incident made me realize how significant it is to remind our loved ones the importance they hold in our lives, how valuable their role is & how much they mean to us.

After that not so little incident, I believe, you can save people. You can definitely do that. Physical presence is not always the actual necessity. Your genuine concern & prayers can do all that work. Love is the only way. There is no better alternative to see someone shine. 💞