The Inexistent Highway..(Ep-09)

Shivani Dixit
Jun 09, 2019   •  58 views

'What did he mean?’ Garang surprisingly asked the chemist. ‘Don’t know sir, here take your medicines.’ Garang wrapped the medicine box carefully and went away.

(After Reeha and Garang reached home)

Garang sat on the sofa in the living room while Reeha unpacked the medicines. She carefully listed all the prescribed days on the drugs and popped out some tablets along with a glass of lukewarm water. ‘Now, like a good boy, take all your medicines, ’ Reeha said to Garang. Garang gulped the medicines and handed over the glass to Reeha. ‘Good, now take some rest, you must be tired.’ She added. Garang followed her instructions because he had no other options. He knew Reeha was a blessing in her life, she truly loved her, but things were going in a direction which she didn’t understand.

The day went quite well, unlike other days it was normal, there was no ghostly stuff, no dead people around. It was calm and quiet. ‘I think the medicines are excellent. They kept you out of any stress today; you see Garang one day you will be fine.’ Reeha said with her fingers crossed. Garang agreed with a smile on his face.

(The next day)

Garang woke up late. He realized that Reeha had left for the office, but she had prepared the breakfast and packed the lunch,

There was a note attached in the tiffin box ‘Garang, all the best for your therapy.’ Today was the day when he would be admitted in the hospital for one full week therapy. He was prepared for the hospital. He drove his car towards the hospital, but the road he took was uneven, it was under construction.

His car got punctured halfway to the hospital. He tried to call the driver, but there was no network around. Fortunately, he saw a car coming towards him. Before he could signal the vehicle, the car stopped near him. The glasses of the car opened, Garang peeped inside, it was doctor Prakash Mathur. ‘Hello doctor, actually my car is punctured, and this area lacks signal, can you please drop me to the hospital.’ Garang politely asked. ‘Ya, sure that is why I stopped the car, actually, this road is under construction ahead, there is no network here,come sit down, I will drop a message to Mrs. Reeha , she will collect your car.’ Garang took the keys of his car and opened the car’s door. He was shocked to see the older man whom he met in the medicine store inside the vehicle. ‘He is Mr. Shyamlal, he was unable to find an auto, so I thought to drop him to the hospital ’the doctor replied. ‘Afterall, all of us have the same destination,’ said the old man. Garang sat inside the car. Dr. Prakash turned the car and changed the path. ‘Doctor, why are you changing the path.’ Garang questioned. ‘Actually, the road isn’t good ahead, I know a shortcut, there is a highway-the inexistent highway’ ’