Positivity thread

· Way back when I was a little kid, I used to go on walks with my father a lot, sometimes in the nights other times, during the day. Back then we didn’t have a car, and having a car was that something that made my kid brain go like “that’d be everything I’ll ever need in life”. Around that time, Abbu started to talk about getting this second hand car, and my brain went all the places it could go in the tiny happy world of it’s to rejoice the coming of a car, I wondered as to how much it’d cost so to get an idea I used to ask Abbu the price of the cars that we’d come across during our walks, I’m pretty sure he didn’t know exactly but just for me he used to list out varying range of prices for each one, this kept going for like a year and half, we didn’t get a car till 8 years after that time but I still appreciate Abbu coping with my continuous queries and answering them so calmly, I’m sure they could’ve annoyed any other man.

· It’s not often that I observe the guy but one day after salatul Isha, I couldn’t stop gazing at the man who’d lost both his arms seated in the saff front of mine, his cap had fallen down, he nods to the man on his left and he generously picks it up and carefully places it on top of his head, the spirit of brotherhood, it was one of those very rare moments when I actually felt the positive energy flowing out from that event into my eyes, filling me with gratitude and hope, Allah deprived him of arms but gave him the love of so many hearts. Simple events like these are a blessing to witness.

· I don’t know about you people but at times when I ponder over the word “Appi” this picture of a silent ambient room on a winter night pops into my mind, where there’s a this comforting fire place, where the flames are gently crackling away with a soft warm couch next to it and hot chocolate on a tiny little table in front. There are many such specific images for other specific words but this one stands out as it is the most accurate way I can reverse personify the warm, comforting, serene & elegant nature of all the “Appis” that I have had the honour to cross paths with on my journey of life.

· Those little kids you randomly come across, you look at them running around in narrow vessel like galleys, you see how the smile on their face seems completely oblivious of how their conditions are, how they run and play without any fear, without any trace of hopelessness. And how looking at them rejoice leaves an instant unintentional smile upon your face.